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Headhunting - Chapter 3

Kristen Bjorn Play
Headhunting - Chapter 3
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Diesel’s boyfriend is a HeadHunter and seems to have no time for Diesel. Trying to keep his frustration under control during a photo shoot, Diesel finds it very difficult when Diego and Wagner let their hard cocks spring free from their swimsuits. Wagner and Diego taunt and tease Diesel, unable to control their sexual desire for each other. Forgetting that they are on a fashion shoot, Diego and Wagner devour each other’s succulent cocks pool side. Diesel does what any good photographer would do and starts shooting the hot sex scene unfolding in front of him. Before he knows it he has been drawn in and his fat cock is being serviced by Diego and Wagner. Diesel’s fat cock slips from one hungry mouth to the other. As one sucks on Diesel’s throbbing cock the other lavishes his balls with their tongue and pleasure. Diesel then jumps into the mix and goes all the way down on Diego while Wagner fucks Diesel’s pink hole with his tongue. The guys work each other up into a frenzy of pleasure that Wagner rips off a huge load into the pool. Diesel follows suit with his creamy load and Diego unleashing a geyser of a load that lands half way across the pool. Has that quelled Diesel’s frustration and will the fashion shoot be completed?

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22 Nov 2013

Me gusta mucho estos vídeos,espero ke tengaos mas

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