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Headhunting - Chapter 5

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Diego and Wagner are having a playful afternoon running around the house naked and sporting magnificent erections. Wagner turns his ass to Diego in a teasing way, but Diego is not teasing and rams his hard cock deep and raw into Wagner’s ravenousness hole. Diego pummels his lover’s hole with his huge cock and all the pleasure he can drive deep inside of him. Wagner then flips Diego and hurls his cock into his partners love canal. For this couple fucking or being fucked is an equal level of pleasure. Both of their cocks remain as rigid as a steel pole while being fucked. Their pleasure is not only visual but verbal and an ecstatic experience to be a part of. Diesel can hear all the fun in the distance and is frustrated that he is unable to reach his lover by phone. So he decides to join the fun. Diesel immediately thrusts his cock inside of Diego’s already moist hole. Wagner feeds his hot cock to Diesel as he continues fucking away at Diego’s ass. Diego and Wagner trade up as Wagner squats down on Diesel’s fat cock. Wagner pummels his own hole with Diesel’s cock as Diego fucks Wagner’s mouth. As Wagner continues grinding away at Diesel’s cock, Diego erupts his milky load and feeds it to Wagner. Wagner is so stimulated with the huge cock in his ass and with his face and tongue being coated with his lovers cum that he reaches his eruption that Diego is ready and eager to lap up every drop that spews from his heaving cock. As Diesel sucks Wagner’s cock dry, Wagner continues to ride Diesel’s cock until he sucks the cum out of his cock with his ass.

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30 Apr 2017

Wagner and Diego are always well-coordinated, it was good to eventually see Diego, with his superb limbs totally spread-eagled, unfortunately with his anus out of camera view,yet still managing to pleasure Wagner`s welcoming hole with his toe..
Diesel kept him "well-oiled", so Wagner and Diego were soon able to moisten their lips, accordingly, and devour each other`s sperm in a timely fashion.....

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