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The Secret Gift - Chapter 1

Kristen Bjorn Play
The Secret Gift - Chapter 1
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Wherever you go, your fears will follow. Valentino is a successful writer of mystery novels and his lover Sergio has an idea to help him through his 2 year writers block. Sergio rents a remote mansion to help Valentino with writing and with a few other things as well. Valentino wastes no time in finding his sexual motivation. Sergio wraps his huge, succulent lips around Valentino’s cock and makes him moan with pleasure as those moist lips slide to the base of his cock and then up and down his huge shaft. Valentino then moves in on what motivates him most, that hot, tight pucker hole of Sergio’s. Groaning with pleasure and desire for more, Sergio begs for more tongue fucking from Valentino. With Sergio’s legs spread apart completely, Valentino thrusts his cock all the way inside of his motivator. Sergio begs for more and Valentino delivers a heightened level of desire with every thrust of his steel rod. Valentino flips Sergio and continues to fuck Sergio deep and hard. Sergio’s hot ass has done what it always does, motivate his lover to a huge and explosive eruption of cum. Valentino tries to suck Sergio off, but Sergio is too far gone and blows his hot load before Valentino can reach his exploding head. Taking a nap after sex, like we all enjoy Valentino hears a strange noise and they go to investigate.

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r.vimal raj
05 Feb 2014

super sexe a gay

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Secret Gift, The