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The Secret Gift - Chapter 2

Kristen Bjorn Play
The Secret Gift - Chapter 2
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So, the novel begins. Valentino has found his creative energy for writing once again, although he is perplexed as to where it came from. Donato previously lived in the beautiful home with his lover, who passed away one year ago today. As Donato steps into the shower he soon realizes that there is no more hot water, and steps outside to call the plumber. The door slams shut behind him and he asks the plumber to call the locksmith for him as well. The plumber and locksmith arrive and get to work. Milos, the plumber makes the necessary repairs and decides to make sure there is sufficient hot water and strips for a hot shower. Donato hears the water running and goes to see what is happening and finds the hot, sexy, muscular plumber pleasuring himself in the shower. It turns out that Mattias, the locksmith also has plans for Donato. Donato is busy sucking both hard cocks. Milos blows his creamy load while sucking off Donato. Donato then shoots his thick load all over Milos huge chest. We then switch over to Mattias, who has been sucking on Donato’s cock and brings them both to huge eruptions of cum. The house begins to reveal itself.

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14 Dec 2017

Good ass Donato Reyes!!

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Secret Gift, The