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The Secret Gift - Chapter 7

Kristen Bjorn Play
The Secret Gift - Chapter 7
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Thanks to a dark dream Valentino’s writers block had dissipated. With another hot couple staying in the house there is inspiration to be found everywhere. Sergio is the aggressive one and breaks the ice between the 2 couples by showing them how open their relationship is. With a little persuasion to join in the groupsex gay orgy, Valentino finds that joining the group is his best option, with three hot men sucking, rimming and kissing you all at the same time, is there any other option? Wagner lubes up Diego’s cock with his spit so that Valentino can mount his straining cock. Valentino rides Diego’s cock hard and deep as he sucks on Sergio’s hard cock and Wagner licks Diego’s cock and balls. Wagner then spreads Diego’s legs open and forces his cock deep inside while Valentino continues to ride his cock. Sergio then penetrates Wagner’s ass and begins fucking him, while Wagner fucks Diego while Valentino rides Diego’s cock. Valentino loves the sensation of a hot, hard cock plowing his ass and unleashes his creamy load all over Diego. Wagner can withhold no longer and sprays Diego’s ass with his hot streams of cum. Sergio then coats Wagner’s ass with his hot load as Diego shoots his thick load all over Valentino’s ass. The next morning Sergio pays Diego and Wagner for their services, this was Sergio’s Secret Gift to his lover, Valentino. Donato’s lover’s spirit made one last visit and that was to make sure that Donato was happy on what would have been their anniversary.

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17 Sep 2017

This is One Hot Scene. Trust me you will EXPLODE with Pleasure just like these 4 hot guys.

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