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Raw Adventures sc. 9 - Intense: Tom Vojak, Hugo Arias

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On a chilly spring day Tom Vojak is out enjoying the thaw of winter and spies a hot guy (Hugo Arias) out enjoying the weather as well. The two decide to return to Tom’s place where Tom slowly disrobes Hugo. Tom liberates Hugo’s smooth, downward curving cock and begins to feel how easily this hook cock glides down his throat. Hugo is taunted and teased before he is treated to Tom’s long, smooth, pearly shaft and ultra pink head. Hugo wastes no time and ingests all of Tom’s hard, straining cock and forces that pink head to explode in size. Tom is hungry for more and flips Hugo and dives in tongue first into his smooth, tasty hole. Hugo is bent over and Tom drives his long, hard cock deep inside of Hugo’s wet ass. Tom grabs onto Hugo’s hips and pummels his ass fast and furious with his greedy cock. Flipping Hugo again, Tom now takes him from behind before spreading his legs further open and driving into him directly. Both men are feeling the passion building and Hugo unleashes his thick creamy load as Tom continues pounding away at his pulsating ass. With the sensation of Hugo’s ass milking his cock, Tom explodes a huge, thick load of cum that coats Hugo’s hole, more than enough to lube up Tom’s cock as he plants the last of his cum and his cock inside of Hugo before collapsing on top of him.

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23 Apr 2015

Man, Tom Vojak is smoking hot! I love the big, uncut dick with the red bush!

10 May 2015

Very hot model Tom Vojak, what a huge big cock he has and Hugo Arias is such a nother hot guy, and great bottom too, he can handle that huge cock of Tom Vojak, without any problem I saw. For sure, this video is so fcking HOT, love the scene. !!!

10 May 2015

Tom Vojak, you are gorgeous, very hot guy and what a huge cock you have..... Great hairy chest you have too, like hairy men for sure. Hugo is also a good bottom and knows to handle that huge cock of Tom.

02 Jun 2015

Tom is the King of Red Heads Can we import him to the US??? OMG

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