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Raw Adventures sc, 13 - Parallel Lives: Arnau Vila, Mirec Ceslar

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On a cold wintery day two men find themselves out on the street looking for a hot connection. Arnau Vila and Mirec Ceslar spot each other from across the street and exchange knowing glances and those glances lead to an unspoken invitation to follow and so Mirec follows Arnau home. The passionate kissing begins along with the slow and seductive stripping away of clothing until both men have exposed their true desires. Arnau feeds Mirec his hot cock that drives Mirec wild with a desire for more. Hungry with the same desire, Arnau takes Mirec deep into his mouth and down his throat feeling the heat of Mirec’s cock permeate his core. Arnau gives Mirec a taste of his sweet hole as Mirec explores its depths with his hungry tongue. With his tight ass filled with the flames of desire Arnau demands that Mirec ram his raw cock deeps inside of him. Arnau flips around so that Mirec can go deeper and Mirec does just that, driving Arnau wild with a yearning for more. Flipping onto his back and his legs spread wide open Mirec takes full advantage of Arnau’s position and drives his bare cock deep and hard into the inner most depths of Arnau’s ass. Mirec’s cock has set off a fire storm of pleasure deep within Arnau that rises up and up until his cock explodes with a load of cum that shoots all over his taught abs. Mirec’s own cock has been milked long and hard and he sprays his thick and creamy load all over Arnau’s pucker hole.

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