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Raw Adventures sc. 15 - On The Top: William Bravo, Jared

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Black gayporn star William Bravo and Jared meet up in the park and return to Jared’s apartment close by. Both men are hungry for one another but their nervousness gets in the way. As they slowly strip away their clothing revealing their perfectly sculpted bodies the nervousness is gone. As William reveals his black monster cock, Jared is salivating thinking of this huge cock working its way down his throat. William drives Jared’s appetite through the roof with his hot mouth gliding up and down his hard shaft.

William knows that Jared has reached his peek of lust and desire and forces his rich cocoa colored cock deep into his mouth. Jared then gives William something that he has been yearning for, his ass. As he squats down it is met with William’s wet and probing tongue. William wants to make sure that Jared’s hot pink hole is truly hungry for his big black dick. Jared bends over and William gives his fat cock one last shot of spit before he rams his enormous raw cock up Jared’s ass. As Jared is able to relax his ass, William picks up the pace and fucks Jared harder and deeper, much to the delight of Jared. As William continues his assault on Jared’s ass he is pushed to his limits and explodes a huge, creamy load of cum and William does not let up for a second. Jared is then positioned with his knees next to his head and we are treated to an incredible view of this massively chocolate colored cock pumping away at the perfect pink hole of Jared.

This gives William the opportunity to go as deep inside of Jared as possible. The sensation of his entire cock inside of Jared brings William to his climax that he showers all over Jared’s pink hole. Black gay cumming.

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17 Jul 2015

Thanks KB for bringing back JARED, he is so hot, gorgeous body love to see that huge cock of him, and the way he is sucking on that huge cock too of William bravo. Very hot video, Jared is so Hott for sure, love him so much !!

18 Jul 2015

Not since the days of Yul Brynner has there been a contender as good as Wliiam Bravo. He pairs very well with Jared, and the sexual acrobatics continue after the spunk has flown off Jared. We are left with a spectacular load from William, just begging for some thorough felching. That would have certainly been the proverbial" icing on the cake". Nevertheless, this very sensuous pair were almost too hot to handle.....

25 Aug 2015

Upon re visiting this video, I was reminded of the saying that " A gentleman always takes his own weight", and of course, this applies to William Bravo ! This is Precision fucking, at its erotic-best, and Jared , for certain, knows how to be sizzling hot for virile men....Both are brilliant !

23 Jan 2016

Upon the third appreciative viewing of this video, it is certainly becomes increasingly hot.... There are so many highlights ,that could be commented upon:- especially, when Jared touches that smoothly shaved head of William`s, which really sets William off confidently, in the rampant mode., which continues, without a pause, to the final , really rock-hard gymnastic fuck of Jared`s highly accommodating, and very appreciative arsehole.

17 Apr 2017

I have previously commented very favourably about this video, and will continue to do so because there is so much erotic variety contained in it. This time , I must comment on the way that William set about thoroughly rimming the well-nigh climactic Jared, who promptly proceeded to ride his questing stiffened tongue, rotating his receptive thighs ,with such controlled anal rhythm, in preparation for the deep pounding that he was already lusting for... That Deep Pool Eye contact was simply- amazing, as only such a Catalyst "Come On", can be !

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