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Casting Couch #507: Forrest Ryder, Jose Quevedo

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The hairy, muscle Daddies are out to play today as Jose Quevedo inducts Forrest Ryder into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. Daddies cock’s are on full display and demanding all of your attention. Strap in and strap on while Daddy fucks his way to pleasure.

Jose loves the feel of all that fur and muscle as he runs his hands up and down Forrest’s meaty and muscular torso, front and back! Slipping Forrest’s already erect cock into his mouth, Jose works his lips all the way to that hairy nut sac. Jose gags slightly, but never gives up his pursuit of deep throat cock sucking pleasure. His mastery of cock sucking has this muscle bear growling with pleasure as he flexes his huge biceps and pinches his nipples.

Forrest flips Jose and quickly shows him that he too is a masterful cock sucker. Jose takes full advantage of those skills as he begins face fucking Daddies furry face. Forrest’s hot cock is not the only thing that is demanding attention, his hairy hole is hungry as well so he flips Jose and squats that hairy pucker hole just above Jose’s lips. Jose’s tongue darts out and Forrest’s ass is being eaten alive.

Obviously having your ass eaten really makes Forrest horny and now squats his hairy ass down onto Jose’s straining, uncut cock. Forrest gyrates his ass up and down Jose’s cock, causing the vein in his cock to expand to explosive dimensions.

Forrest flips to all 4’s and Jose comes in from behind, ramming his raw cock deep inside of those hairy ass cheeks. Reaching back, Forrest spreads his ass cheeks apart and Jose continues with his deep, penetrating fucking. With his breathing reaching a fevered pitch, Forrest flips Jose before it is too late.

Jose is flipped onto his back and Forrest shoves his iron cock deep inside of Jose. Forrest has a rhythm that is unstoppable and keeps fucking Jose until he crosses the threshold of unfathomable pleasure. Pulling out, the guys coax each other on and Forrest is the first to explode a load of thick, creamy dad juice. Jose follows suit and unleashes his own hot load of cum. Fuck Forrest, fuck!

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21 Mar 2024

I love hot Daddy sex and today you have made me very happy. Especially when you have two very handsome, sexy Daddies that flip fuck, OMG. Please give us more of Forrest, I want to see more "fuck Forrest, fuck!"

22 Mar 2024

Forrest Ryder is a handsome, muscular, and hairy lumberjack with a captivating smile who skillfully handles all types of "logs" Great scene.

22 Mar 2024

Forrest .. YES YES YES YES YES ... more of him please. he made my cock hard .........

22 Mar 2024

Jose needs to grow his chest hair back ......

24 Mar 2024

Beautiful men and hot sex, but annoying camera work. Camera jumps around constantly, never lingering on anything. New camera man?

24 Mar 2024

Hello Jack, thank you for being so observant and participative. I'll be honest with you, the cameraman was jerking off when he saw such a sexy man in front of him. LOL. All jokes aside, as always, Kristen Bjorn strives to improve day by day with the best filming equipment, cameras, and accessories to remain a producer of high quality and prestige. That's why we're using new equipment that we will continue to refine its use, as it is a novelty for us. This new equipment has much clearer sound and a focus comparable to a cinema camera, the image stabilizer is complex, which is why you've noticed those subtle movements that we will address. Thank you very much for your well-intentioned comments. We continue to move forward to remain a classic in the adult film industry and an internationally renowned producer. A big hug.

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