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Hot Stuff: The Circus Guy - Gabriel Lunna, Ivan Gregory

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Ivan Gregory has found his fantasy man from the Circus and finally meets the sexy man, Gabriel Lunna. Ivan invites Gabriel back to his flat, where the clothes are being stripped and the hot, perfectly sculpted muscular bodies are revealed. Both huge and hefty cocks are revealed and Gabriel does his best to swallow Ivan’s giant uncut cock. Ivan shows Gabriel how much of a fantasy he is to him as he pleasures his cock with the ultimate cock sucking that leaves Gabriel groaning for more. Gabriel moves in on Ivan’s perfect pink hole and rims it with his hot tongue as it darts in and out of the hot pleasure canal. Ivan loves Gabriel’s tongue in his ass, but he wants that fantasy Circus cock in his ass and Gabriel is ready to ram his raw cock completely into Ivan’s hungry hole. After giving Ivan a hot fuck he squats down on Ivan’s mammoth raw cock and goes for a wild ride. Ivan then flips Gabriel onto his back and rides his hot pink hole hard and deep. Gabriel’s fantasy ass has taken Ivan to the edge and he erupts a huge load of cum in and out of Gabriel’s hot ass. Ivan then begins to felch his cum from Gabriel ass as Gabriel unloads a huge load of cum all over his ripped abs. Ivan then eats Gabriel’s cum and feeds it back to Gabriel. This is one Hot Fucking Stuff with the Circus Guy that will leave you licking your lips!

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27 Nov 2016

Some great fucking is followed by some AMAZING cum play! Love to see a dude so hungry for cum he'll slurp down anything he can find. And the snowballing and cumkiss and the end totally got me off. Got to clean up my sticky keyboard now!
22 Dec 2018

Surely one of the hottest fucks ever captured on celluloid: two amazing MEN, both of whom give off a completely natural & authentic vibe of pure unmitigated manly lust, who enter into riveting energetic no-holds-barred sexual intercourse. Gabriel Lunna rides cock like there is no tomorrow. And right when I thought I could not follow along their unrubber'd frenzy any more intently, Ivan Gregory doesn't just explode a massive powerful orgasm but he then dives in to that scrumptious hole to eat his steaming hot thick cumload back out of Gabe's ass. Your eyes will pop out of their sockets as you view this ferocious feast of felching !

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