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Hot Stuff: Surprise Me - Salvador Mendoza, Alberto Esposito, Logan Moore

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Spring is in the air and Alberto Esposito is hot and horny as he cruises through his mobile when there is a knock on the door and his good friend Salvador Mendoza surprises him with a treat, Logan Moore. Logan is stripped down to his jock strap as he begins to service his new friend’s hefty cocks. Working his mouth up and down on both cock shafts raises everyone’s level of desire. Salvador loves being the center of attention, so he positions himself so that Alberto can suck on his throbbing hard cock and Logan fucks his hairy hole with his ravenous tongue. Alberto gets down on all 4’s and Logan gets in the same position over top of him while Salvador comes in from behind and begins to fuck both of those hot, raw asses to his desire. The guys switch up positions as Alberto slicks up his cock with his spit and rams his bare cock into Logan’s gluttonous ass and Logan wraps his luscious lips around Salvador’s cock. Keeping things energetic, Salvador takes a seat and Logan squats his ass down onto his straining cock as Alberto feeds Salvador’s mouth with his throbbing cock. These guys keep it fresh and equal for all as Salvador lays on the floor and Alberto penetrates his bare ass with his hot cock and Logan hovers his ass above Salvador’s probing tongue so he can taste his own cock that was just in that sweet hole. The culmination of all this hot fucking has brought Alberto to an orgasm that creams Salvador’s smooth ass and as Alberto rams his cum drenched cock back into Salvador he blows his huge load that flies over his head and all over his torso. Logan feeds his creamy load of cum to Salvador, who eats it all up then sucks him dry.  This is one hot surprise that we all want knocking at our door.

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22 Oct 2016

Very very good video, yes sir!

18 Oct 2022

I enjoy this Surprise me scene with those 3 muscular guys Alberto Esposito, Logan Moore and Salvador Mendonza. All 3 guys are gorgeous, their hairy and tattoed bodies are amazing and their huge uncut banana dicks are really massive. Like the way Salvador Mendoza is sucking of that huge cock of hairy chested Alberto Esposito and finally fucking him very hard too bareback.. 1 of the hottest Kristen bjorn scene ever with those 3 sexy men !!

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