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Hot Stuff: Sexendipity - Hans Berlin, Ansony, Louis Ricaute

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We all have to pay our bills, Ansony, Hans Berlin and Louis Ricaute all run into to each other as they are paying their electric bills. Hans being the warm host that he is, invites the other guys back to his place. Not able to contain themselves the huge cocks flop out while on the stairs and the sucking and swallowing of mammoth cocks begins. The colossal cock sucking chain begins with Hans swallowing Ansony and Ansony devouring Louis. Hans moves to center stage and squats down onto Louis’ talented tongue and services Ansony’s enormous cock. Switching up positions again, Hans offers up his raw pink hole for Louis’s delectable cock while Ansony works Louis’ hot hole with his hungry tongue. Ansony joins the action by ramming his raw cock deep inside of Louis’ bare ass as his cock gets harder and thicker in Hans’ ass. Hans then moves the guy into his favorite position of all, he squats down onto Ansony’s throbbing cock while Louis rams his raw cock deep inside of Hans’ awaiting ass. Hans thrills in the tingling that runs throughout his entire body as these giant cinnamon colored cocks prying his ass open and filling him up with complete and utter pleasure. Hans is hugely talented to be able to take on these two tremendous cocks. Impelled beyond measure with both of those stupendous cocks pumping pleasure deep within his soul that he explodes a load that flies like the wind and across the room. Ansony follows suit and his giant mushroom head erupts a creamy load of cum that coats Hans’ ass as Louis adds to Ansony’s load with his hot, thick streams of cum.

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22 Oct 2022

This video is a blockbuster, those 3 handsome dudes Hans Berlin. Ansony and Louis Ricaute are so hot. I like this guy Hans Berlin, he becomes my favorite man. He has such a nice facial beard, a hot male body, his perky nipples are so sensitive and lhis uncut banana dick is so amazing... The passion starts while those 3 men met at a electricity company in Madrid, while muscular Louis paid his bills. After arriving at the home of Hans Berlin and getting undressed on that staircase, horse hung Ansony start sucking that huge uncut banana dick of Louis Ricaute, while he strokes his uncut dick. Was so hot the moment when Louis Ricaute fucks Hans Berlin very hard bareback . Hans Berlin was able to take that huge shaft in his ass and enjoy riding that huge banana dick. Editor Strongboli bring all 3 men soon back on stage ! Love this 3 way bareback video, was Hot !!!

22 Oct 2022

Hottest man to man encounter with those 3 horse hung guys... Cannot believe my eyes when they got undressed on that staircase, their muscular male bodies are so hot, their perky and sensitive nipples and their huge uncut banana dicks are amazing to see. Hans Berlin is such a hot Bottom taking that huge uncut banana dick of Louis Ricaute and from Ansony. As always Kristen Bjorn is bringing us the hottest men for sure, love this video !

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