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Casting Couch #377: Gabriel Lunna, Torsen Wolf

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A little playfulness, confidence and exhibitionism goes a long way for Gabriel Lunna when it comes to his new fuck buddy, Torsen Wolf. Torsen comes over and immediately launches into his slow striptease and seduction of Gabriel. As his clothes drop to the wayside, Torsen turns up the heat as his muscular body is exposed and he slowly unbuttons his jeans to let his straining hard-on lunge forward. Torsen saunters over to Gabriel and shoves his unhesitant cock into his eager mouth. Gabriel delivers the cock sucking that Torsen has come to expect from his hot buddy. Reversing roles, Gabriel strips down and submits his steely rod for Torsen’s pleasure. Torsen masterfully works his way up and down the shaft of Gabriel’s cock, pausing to worship his bulbous head. Gabriel bends Torsen over and skillfully guides his raw cock deep inside of Torsen’s hot pink hole. Gabriel moves slow and smooth, guaranteeing they both feel every centimeter of pleasure. Sensing that Torsen is reaching his zenith, Gabriel flips him onto his back and continues his rhythmic, passionate fucking. With his balls drawn up tight, cock as solid as rock and his ass muscles gripping Gabriel’s cock as it continues massaging his prostate brilliantly. One last stroke of Gabriel’s cock and Torsen’s cock is exploding his huge, creamy load of cum. With all that hot action engulfing Gabriel’s cock it was inevitable that he to quickly unleashes his thick load all over Torsen’s cock, balls and ass. Gabriel leans in and begins lapping up his cum, paying special attention to the hot juices flowing from Torsen’s ass. The joys of a hot fuck buddy.

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27 Nov 2017

I advise that the vulume be turned up while Torsen is being well torn. ......He fully-knows what Male Appreciation is all about.

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