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Casting Couch #379: Xavi Garcia, Manuel Scalco

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On a beautiful Sunday morning we find our sexy muscle bears, Xavi Garcia and Manuel Scalco doing what they do best. With all the passionate kissing, their straining cocks re barely contained by their sexy underwear. Xavi releases Manuel’s rock-solid cock and jackhammers it with his famished mouth. Edging Manuel has reached its limit and he turns to Xavi and devours his hot cock balls deep down his throat. Manuel feels that Xavi’s cock is slicked up enough and is straining for his hot ass, so he lowers his furry ass down onto Xavi’s excited cock. Both men take turns in aggressively fucking, Xavi rapid fires his cock deep into Manuel’s ass and Manuel pounds his ass down hard onto raw papi Xavi’s rigid cock. Flipping Xavi onto his back, Manuel teases his hole before he plunges his strong cock into Xavi’s hairy ass. Manuel grabs onto Xavi’s pierced nipple and fucks him a passion and ferocity that sends Xavi over the edge as he blows his thick, creamy load of cum. As the last globs of cum ooze out of Xavi’s pulsating cock, Manuel pulls out and coats Xavi’s hairy thighs with his load of cum. Sunday’s are fun days.

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12 Jun 2018

The black mesh brief is a huge turnon for me. These guys fuck so agressively

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