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Casting Couch #388: Bastian Ferrer, Salvador Mendoza

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Salvador Mendoza has invited Bastian Ferrer for an overnight visit. As Salvador and Bastian get comfortable they both know that comfortable is not what they are looking for. It is quite evident that both men’s underwear are unable to constrain their cock’s desires as they bulge at the seams. As the guys unleash their massive beasts, Bastian can’t wait to get his lips wrapped around Salvador’s sorrel cock and begins to pleasure every inch of it. Salvador swaps positions with Bastian and takes his hooked cock into his mouth and throat, just as it was designed to do. Working his mouth up and down the engorged shaft Salvador makes Bastian’s cock glisten before making it disappear all together down his throat. Salvador teases Bastian’s puckered ass with his hot cock until Bastian signals him to enter and Salvador rams his cock balls to the wall deep, as Bastian gasps for air. Bastian is receiving a hard and rapid fucking, just when Salvador pulls out to see if he can keep his hole open. Salvador is then flipped onto his back and Bastian gives him exactly what he received and that is a huge cock that delivers a deep ass fucking. Salvador revels in the feeling of such a huge cock filling him with so much pleasure and relinquishes all inhibitions. Bastian flips with Salvador and squats down on his throbbing cock. As Bastian begins to ride Salvador’s huge cock his own colossal cock flops around with such force that it slaps against Salvador’s ball sac. With all the thrashing around of his massive cock and the mounting sensation in his ass the threshold of pleasure has been blown past and Bastian begins erupting a flood of cum that flies everywhere. Salvador makes sure that he rides this ass for all he can get and thrusts it deep inside one last time before dumping his hot load of cum all over his smooth thighs. Time for you to have a sleep over!

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20 Jul 2018

Nice hot guys!

Mennen Man lover
21 Sep 2019

Speed Stick and Skin Bracer

17 Oct 2022

What a hot video scene again KB, with those 2 favorite men Salvador Mendoza (Expert) and Bastian Ferrer as a beginner. I could not believe my eyes when I saw Salvador Mendoza his male body after getting undressed and showing his hot nude male body, starring in this video. Salvador has a body every man could dream off, his friendly smile, muscular body and his perky and sensitive nipples are so amazing hot !! His uncut 24 cm cock and balls are really massive and huge ! Hottest man to man sex encounter with hot his beginner Bastian Ferrer, who know how to kiss a man and sucking big cock too in this hot man to man sex encounter. Bastian Ferrer has a nice facial beard and hot senstive nipples too. Love to watch how Salvador is sucking that huge head and uncut banana dick of Bastian Ferrer while sitting on the sofa and after all getting fucked really hard bareback by Salvador Mendoza. Editor Mr. Strongboli, this is 1 of the hottest video's ever seen with those 2 favorite guys of me !! Bring both Salvador Mendoza and Bastian Ferrer back on stage again ! Was very hot video !!

17 Oct 2022

Hottest pairing ever seen with horse hung Bastian Ferrer and Salvador. Bastian is a goodlooking guy with a hot smooth body and a huge uncut banana dick. cant get enough to watch how Salvador is fucking Bastian Ferrer so hard bareback in his hot ass... Is such a passionate moment to see both men making love and fucking very hard.... Love this hot man to man encounter editor Strongboli

17 Oct 2022

Who is this handsome guy Bastian Ferrer, after watching this 1st scene with him I was surprised to see what a huge uncut banana dick this guy has.... Wauwww thats was a huge cock ever seen at Bastian Ferrer. Salvador Mendozan is a hottie too, his male body and his huge uncut cock really turns me on too. I think that his uncut cock measures a 8.5 inches Could not imagine that those hot men are living in Madred, Espana

27 Oct 2022

Magnificent display of those cinnamon bodies against those white and gray shades. The bright red flowers punch up the scene, too.

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