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Casting Couch #384: Peter Connor, Angelo Curti

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The very sexy Angelo Curti has hooked up with Peter Connor to get some expert tips on being in front of the camera. Angelo and Peter strip away their excessively stretched underwear revealing their equally hefty cocks. Peter guides Angelo to suck on his massive mahogany cock and Angelo brilliantly devours his cock, begging the question, who is the expert? Peter knows when it is time to back off before he explodes and switches up with Angelo. With his lips wrapped firmly around Angelo’s cock shaft he begins working his tongue up and down his cock as it floods with desire and reaches maximum length and girth. Peter works his hot lips and tongue down to Angelo’s hairy hole and starts probing and pleasuring that hairy den of desire. Sensing that Angelo’s ass is primed and hungry, Peter rams his thick piece of meat in and out of Angelo before giving a hard fucking. Peter continues to tease Angelo’s ass by pulling out then ramming full force into his ravenous ass. Changing up positions, Peter takes a seat and allows Angelo to ride his cock to his fullest desire. Flipping one more time Peter has Angelo on his back and his legs spread wide open. With Angelo on his back, Peter delves deep with his thick, black cock, much to Angelo’s liking. Peter picks up the pace of his rhythmic fucking and drives Angelo wild with desire. No sooner has Peter begun his fucking, Angelo’s cock is throbbing as he erupts his thick load of cum. Peter is skyrocketed over the edge as he feels Angelo’s ass milking his cock and showers his hairy ass with his creamy load of cum. We think Angelo is ready to meet his public.

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Billy the boy
24 Mar 2018

hot video.

03 Nov 2022

One of the hottest scenes at KRISTEN BJORN, with those 2 good looking men. Black dude Peter Conner and Angelo Curti. It was love at first sight when I first saw this hot Spanish native dude Peter Connor. This guy has a body every man could dream off, so muscular and as soon as he got undressed, taking off his underwear, I was breathless. His smooth body with his sensitive and perky nipples makes Dann Grey such a amazing hot guy . His nipples are amazing hot and they are so suckable too...I really enjoy nipple play on men....... I enjoy this hot man to man encounter with horse hung Angelo Curti who is a hot bottom too and he likes to get fucked by hot guys as Peter Connor really hard bareback.. He has a huge 21 cm uncut banana dick and balls and he is a hot Top too in this scene... Enjoy this castings video 384 with those 2 hot and hung men !!!

03 Nov 2022

I am in love with black guys as Peter Connor. This dude is really horse hung, his smooth chest and uncut banana dick is amazing hot. Was surprised to see how huge his cock is and Angelo really enjoy sucking off that huge black cock. Cannot wait to see Peter Connor soon back on stage, he know how to fuck men really hard. I hope he will make a comeback since his last video was from the year 2018

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