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Casting Couch #406: Oscar Marin, Viktor Rom

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On a crisp spring day, the testosterone levels are heating up the night air as Viktor Rom is about to school Oscar Marin in how to pleasure his fat cock. Viktor starts out with some passionate kissing before he begins the pleasure/pain principle to Oscar’s nipples. Working his tongue, lips and teeth across Oscar’s nipples brings Oscar to full arousal. Viktor then shows Oscar his multi-talented skills at cock sucking as Oscar’s cock responds dutifully. It is now time for Oscar to show Viktor how hungry and talented he is at cock sucking. As Oscar runs his succulent lips up and down the thick shaft of Viktor’s cock, Viktor is drooling all over his cock, adding an additional layer of pleasure to Oscar’s cock worshipping skills. Oscar demonstrates excellent cock sucking skills as he devours and swallows Viktor’s huge, meaty cock. Viktor is primed and turns Oscar around and teases his smooth ass with his throbbing cock. Oscar is overwhelmed with the pleasure that is pressing against his ass and lets out a gasp as Viktor rams his raw cock deep into his ass. Viktor can sense that Oscar is a slow starter and patiently allows Oscar’s ass to adjust to the massive cock filling his ass. Pulling his cock out several times until he can feel Oscar’s ass relax and accept his cock, Viktor now can feel the relaxed hole that he is about to assault. Viktor picks up the pace quickly and Oscar is along for the ride as well. Oscar’s cock is dancing along with Viktor’s heavy pounding, as each thrust into his ass sets the rhythm, they are both engaged in. Switching things up, Oscar finds himself lowering his ass down onto Viktor’s heaving cock. Oscar starts things out with a slow and steady pace that picks up quickly. Viktor takes over the pace and gives Oscar’s ass a hard pounding. The deep ass fucking has massaged Oscar in all the right ways as he reaches for his cock and shoots his creamy load of cum across his and Viktor’s thighs. As Oscar’s ass grips Viktor’s cock nice and tight, Viktor reaches a fevered pace that ends with his cock erupting a huge load of cum that ultimately ends up in Oscar’s ass. Get ready, your next schooling is about to begins.

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27 Mar 2019

I'm not usually into big tattoos, but there is something very sexy about Oscar Marin

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