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Casting Couch #473: Jonny Fit, Viktor Rom

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The big day that Jonny Fit has been anticipating and training for has finally arrived as he is inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men, today he will finally meet the international gay porn superstar, Viktor Rom who will be his inductor. Viktor greets Jonny with a warm and passionate kiss and then it is all business. Jonny finally gets to wrap his lips around that world famous fat cock and suck it all he can. Viktor lets Jonny enjoy sucking on his huge cock then flips him, eats his ass thoroughly before flipping his smooth, white ass and fucking him raw, deep, hard, and furiously, the Viktor Rom style. Viktor fucks the cum out of Jonny as he rides his cock, but that is not the end of Jonny’s fucking, Viktor flips him again and fills his ass with his sweet load of cum then felches it right back out.

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25 Aug 2022

It is so good to see Viktor Rom back. No matter who he is with, he always knows how to destroy their ass with his massive cock. Will Viktor ever bottom?

27 Aug 2022

I can only imagine what was going through Jonny's head moments before this scene began because Viktor Rom never disappoints. He is an expert in every sense. A session with Viktor always ends with total anal destruction, but he begins by using his lips, and tongue to tease his partners. His fucking is always incredibly deep and wet and he makes sure his partner ends up a quivering mess. Hats off to Jonny who returns the favor by giving Viktor EVERYTHING. He looks well-trained and ready for a DP immediately. The dynamic between these two is white hot.

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