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Casting Couch #438: Joe Gillis, Gianni Maggio

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As the “newcomer”, Joe Gillis may be new to the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men, but Gianni Maggio is about to unleash his monster cock for this initiation. The guys quickly strip down and both massive cocks are put on full display. Gianni is always enthusiastic when he sees an equally gifted cock as his own and today, he is eager to get his lips wrapped around Joe’s big boy dick. As Gianni begins sucking on Joe’s impressive, uncut cock he finds that he has to work a bit harder than usual to get all that cock into his mouth. With his tongue and lips servicing that hot cock, it begins to build in girth and length that makes all mouths water. Joe now takes his shot at the legendary cock that so many want and desire. Taking a moment to admire the sheer majesty before him, Joe leans in and begins sucking Gianni’s cock to the point where he is now chocking it down his throat. With his mouth and throat stretched to their limits, Joe turns around and shoves his hot, hairy ass into Gianni’s face. As Joe’s pink hole tantalizes Gianni, his tongue begins darting in and out of that hot pleasure den. Gianni stands up and rams his rock-hard cock deep inside of Joe. After being flipped in multiple positions, Joe is unable to contain the pleasure building deep within him and begins oozing his thick, creamy load of cum. Gianni grabs his own cock and showers Joe’s hairy balls with hot load of cum.

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