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Casting Couch #461: Thiago Da Silva, Lucio Saints

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World renowned performer Lucio Saints inducts Thiago Da Silva into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men in a huge way, the only way that he knows. As the guys strip down it is quit apparent that both of their intensively hard cocks are ready for action. Lucio is known for his aggressive style for sex and today is no different as his zealous kissing leads to Thiago being driven to his knees and Lucio’s monster cock shoved into his hungry mouth. Thiago proves that he is a talented cock sucker as Lucio’s cock reaches the back of his mouth and descends his throat with minimal resistance. Thiago uses his wet lips and his hot tongue to service the magnificent cock in front of him. Lucio gives him all the verbal praise and assurances that his cock sucking skills are up for the task. The guys swap and Lucio shows Thiago that not only does he demand great talents for cock sucking, but that he possess them as well as he inhales and brings Thiago’s cock to full attention with his masterful cock sucking. Thiago is then bent over and is given the royal ass eating that any incredible ass deserves and today Lucio is very motivated to make a meal out of Thiago’s smooth, tight ass. With Thiago’s ass extensively lubed up with Lucio’s hot spit, Lucio rises up and gently glides his massive cock into Thiago’s ass. Thiago takes a huge gasp and his eyes roll upward as he feels the full extent of Lucio’s incredible cock filling him up. Lucio pulls out and gives us a glimpse of the full spectrum of the hot pink inner lining of Thiago’s pleasure passage. Lucio raises up on his feet and gives us the full view of the intense depths his cock can reach as his balls slap up against Thiago’s ass. The guys change up positions and this time Thiago lowers his ass onto Lucio’s cock, giving us the perfect view as they swap up control of who is fucking who. Another flip and this time Thiago is on his back and Lucio shows his true aggressive fucking style in action and his plunges his throbbing cock in and out of Thiago’s exposed ass. The thrill of that monster cock penetrating and re-penetrating his ass throws Thiago over the edge as his thick globes of cum drool onto his heaving chest. Lucio continues his assault and quickly begins flooding Thiago’s ass with his thick, creamy load of cum. The smile and delight in Thiago’s eyes says it all.

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01 Apr 2022

Hot, hot, hot!

01 Apr 2022

hot vid! Thiago is really sexy.

01 Apr 2022

What's wrong with the downloads-not letting me download this clip????

01 Apr 2022

If you are still having download issues, write to

01 Apr 2022

Thiago is a gorgeous guy and a fantastic bottom. Lucio brought out the best in him. A great video.

02 Apr 2022

This scene is really HOT ??

02 Apr 2022

Lucio knows how to handle his drill very well and Thiago opens her ass hole like a pussy, it's heaven!

02 Apr 2022

Thiago's hole takes Lucio's cock effortlessly.

12 Apr 2022

I love the way Lucio pulls out, skins it back, then shoves it back in. What a fuck stick .

30 Apr 2022

This film was sexy as fuck. Someone in this site told me that real tops don’t suck dick. It’s clear he didn’t watch this scene lol. This is what real tops do, they suck dick along with eat ass. The whole film was sexy from start to finish.

05 Oct 2022

Great Casting video, with 2 of the hottest men ever seen at kristen bjorn. Argentino native Thiago Da Silva and horse hung Lucio Saints. Lucio Saints his smooth tattoed male body and his perky and sensitive nipples makes him such a hot dude. Love the way he shows us, his hot naked male body as an expert in this casting scene.... Thiago Da Silva his body is amazing too and I fell in love the 1st time I saw this guy...His perky nipples are so hot too and I hope that Thiago is into nipple play...Finally I cannot get enough watching those horse hung guys as Thiago Da Silva who really enjoy hard man to man fucking. Their uncut cocks and balls are really massive.!

05 Oct 2022

Woow what a hot male bring us Kristen Bjorn... .Lucio Saints when I saw this latin guy for the 1st time could not believe my eyes after he got undressed... to see his hot tattoed chest, his nipples are so sensitive and amazing hot... His cock and balls are really massive. Never saw such a hot guy before at KB.....Thiago Da Silva is horse hung too, like his huge uncut cock too ....Both guys are my favorite men , bring Thiago Da Silva soon back on stage

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