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Casting Couch #481: Luciano Heart, Lucio Saints

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Luciano Heart is very enthusiastic to get on set and show you all his assets as he is inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by international star Lucio Saints. As both men get together, they quickly strip down to their undergear and we are off and running!

Lucio strips Luciano of his jock strap and begins sucking on his rapidly growing hard-on. With his expert cock sucking skills, Lucio could suck a dead man’s cock back to life. Lucio is hungry today and quickly changes from cock to ass as he spits, licks, fingers, probes, and fucks Luciano’s smooth asshole with his fingers and tongue.

That amazing and talented mouth of Lucio’s has Luciano all hot and worked up and he is ready to show Lucio and us just what he is made of. Lucio sits back as Luciano gets busy sucking on the head alone then building to swallow much more. Lucio lends a guiding hand and directs Luciano up and down the full length of his cock shaft.

Luciano proves to be a fast and eager learner as he does all he can to swallow all of Lucio’s gigantic cock. It is never forced when there is a deep underlying desire to pleasure. Lucio encourages and assists Luciano of reaching his goal and swallowing that huge cock.

Both men have reached that point that their desires have reached a fevered pitch and Lucio spins Luciano around and begins ramming his raw cock up Luciano’s tight hole. Luciano’s moans ring out as he adapts to the massive cock invading his hole. Luciano’s gymnast position allows Lucio full access to go as deep and hard as he desires.

Another flip and Luciano gives Lucio’s cock a quick sucking before he lays back and Lucio penetrates his wet ass again. Luciano’s eyes roll back in his head and his breath is taken away as he feels Lucio’s fat cock pushing deeper inside of him.

One last flip and this time Luciano squats his ass down onto Lucio’s throbbing rock-hard cock. The guys work in tandem to ride the wave of pleasure that is filling both of their senses to maximum capacity. This position takes no time to catapult Lucio over the edge as he showers a huge, thick load of cum then shoves his erupting cock back inside of Luciano. Luciano continues fucking himself as Lucio encourages him to fuck himself just as he explodes his thick globs of cum.

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06 Jan 2023

It's great seeing Lucio back in action, and fucking this new, cute bottom, Luciano. Is he a gymnast or something? Amazing positions, and very hot scene guys!

07 Jan 2023

Lucio is the master when it comes to plowing. He doesn’t disappoint…

26 Mar 2024

Love how rough Lucio is with the slapping

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