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Casting Couch #492: Tex Pat, Lucio Saints

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International superstar Lucio Saints inducts Tex Pat into the Kriste Bjorn Society of Select Men with all the passion, exclusive expertise and charm any inductee could ever hope for.

As the guys enter the room, strip down and show us all that wonderfulness they possess, we are reminded why we tune in to see Lucio work his magic. When Lucio flashes that dazzling smile, we are hooked and ready to go.

Tex leans in and begins sucking on Lucio’s monster cock we quickly find out that Tex has some tricks to share on this casting. Tex’s lips work their way all the way down Lucio’s long, fat cock shaft and only stops when he reaches that heavy ball sac. Lucio’s smile beams from ear to ear as he helps guide Tex up and down his cock.

Lucio flips Tex and tests his deep throat cock sucking skills. Lucio climbs on top of Tex and thrusts his cock deep inside of his mouth and throat, testing just how far he can thrust that meaty cock. Tex meets the challenge and takes every centimeter that Lucio can fuck into his throat, even upside down.

Tex takes another flip and this time he is on all 4’s as Lucio comes in from behind and thrusts his cock into Tex’s gifted ass. Tex reaches back and spreads his ass, demanding that Lucio fuck him and fuck him hard. Lucio begins thrusting his raging hard cock in and out of Tex’s ass and Tex responds with moans of pleasure.

Lucio takes a seat and Tex squats his ass down onto Lucio’s throbbing cock. The two work in tandem as Tex’s hairy ass slams down and against Lucio’s full and firm balls.

Another flip and this time Tex is on his back and Lucio is ramming his cock in and out of that beautiful, hairy hole. With Tex now on his shoulders Lucio turns around and continues fucking Tex with a deep passion that is driving both men closer to the edge. Tex takes in the view of all the magnificence of Lucio’s muscular ass and balls rising and diving deep within him. Nothing like watching the man fucking you from behind.

Lucio flips back around and continues fucking Tex with his ass still in the air. It does not take much at this point and Lucio is unleashing his huge creamy load all over those hairy balls, abs and chest of Tex. Tex begins sucking Lucio’s cock clean of the remainder of his cum when he begins shooting his own hot load of cum. Scooping up his and Lucio’s loads, Tex consumes the couples mix of cum.

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06 Jul 2023

I think Lucio has finally met someone (Tex) who can truly handle his massive cock. The way Tex just inhales Lucio's cock all the way down his throat was amazing to watch. Tex proved that he knows how to get fucked by a giant cock and really enjoy it. This is one of those films that you will watch over and over again!

06 Jul 2023

Lucio Saints is a jackhammer of anal pleasure. The throat fucking is STUNNING. Tex can take it balls deep! He's a natural! The way he arches his back and so obviously enjoys the doggy-style anal pleasure that Lucio gives him is so beautiful and masculine. He rides Lucio with total abandon. What a glorious slut! There is nothing more beautiful than watching a man savor anal bliss. He is giving Lucio everything he's got and it's sizzling hot. I'd love to watch him do some DP. Bravo!

25 Mar 2024

Lucio is a beast

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