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Casting Couch #477: Lucas Mancinni, Dani Brown

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Dani Brown is the fortunate man that gets his hands full inducting Lucas Mancinni into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. Both men are eyeing each other up, but for different reasons. Dani has his eye on that massive ass of Lucas and Lucas has seen the huge cock that Dani wields. The guys quickly strip down, exposing there already growing cocks and begin swapping cock sucking powers. Dani goes down first on Lucas’ caramel colored cock. Lucas makes his opportunity and begins sucking on Dani, taking it from hard to rock-hard as he savors it all the way down to Dani’s smooth ball sac. Lucas sprawls on the sofa with his legs wide open while Dani is busy licking and probing that hot ass with his wet tongue. With Lucas in perfect position and his magnificent ass primed, Dani mounts him and begins fucking him with his balls slapping away with each lunge forward. Lucas’ eyes widen with each thrust as the pleasure spreads throughout his entire body. The guys swap positions and Dani is bent over the sofa as Lucas launches his cock deep inside of Dani’s smooth, tortilla colored ass. Lucas builds a smooth, rhythmic pace as his indestructible cock continues feeding Dani’s ass with pleasure. Another swap and this time Lucas is squatting down onto Dani’s granite cock, slamming his ass up and down in a frenzy of gluttony. The harder Lucas slams his ass down the more his cock sways to the pleasure and his balls draw up tighter, preparing him for the ultimate in pleasure. Lucas grabs hold of his solid cock and the thick globs of cum begin drooling forth as his ass has clamped down tight onto Dani’s throbbing cock. Dani quickly rises up and begins feeding his milky load of cum to Lucas. Lucas’ tongue laps up and languishes in the creamy flavor overtaking his senses.

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10 Nov 2022

Bravo Kristen! Dani and Lucas were perfectly matched for this scene. I like to see when a guy can give a good, hard fucking then turn around and take one as well! How does Lucas get such a huge ass? Great scene, 2 Thumbs Up!

11 Nov 2022

Bravo, great pairing of these two hot studs! I love flip fucks, and these guys look like they're really into it!

11 Nov 2022

Mancini is a really sexy guy, hot big ass. I love the way Dani ride him, really hot vídeo!

11 Nov 2022

Good couple, and love for Lucas. Hot scene with two hot men.

12 Nov 2022

OMG this video is a blockbuster with 2 of my favorite men Dani Brown and Lucas Mancinni. I could not believe my eyes watching both good looking men. As soon as both men met, and get undressed I was surprised to see what a hot body both men has, smooth chest, perky nipples and of course their uncut banana dicks are so massive and huge. Hottest man to man encounter with gorgeous Dani Brown, he enjoys sucking big cock and eating man ass too. Could not believe my eyes to see Dani Brown fucking Lucas so hard bareback doggy style....Hottest video with my favorite men and hope to see both guys soon back on stage again at Kristen bjorn....

Irving Wever
12 Nov 2022

Dani Brown a native from Colombia is such a hot latin men. His gorgeous male body makes me crazy.....His uncut banana dick is so massive . Lucas Mancinni is a hot bottom too, who love taking that huge man pole of Dani Brown.... 1 of the hotttest video's ever seen with my favorite Dani Brown, cannot wait to see his next performance at Kristen bjorn.

01 Jun 2023

OMFG that was hot!!!!!

28 Jul 2023

Lucas is the man of my dreams.

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