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Casting Couch #490: Nano Maso, Luciano Heart

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Latino fever has hit this Casting Couch as Nano Maso is inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by the oh so handsome Luciano Heart. Nano strips away his clothes revealing his sexy, almond colored, smooth, muscular body. Luciano enters the room already stripped and ready for action.

The kissing is passionate as the seduction begins. As their tongues explore so do their wandering hands and the underwear are quickly discarded and Nano’s monster cock is exposed. Nano cups Luciano’s smooth balls in his hands as his lips part and he works his hungry mouth up and down Luciano’s rock-solid cock.

Nano flips Luciano around and begins tongue fucking his hot pucker hole. Nano’s tongue darts in and out, exploring, pleasuring, and tasting all the delights in front of him.

Luciano spins around and grabs hold of that mammoth cock of Nano’s and prepares to suck it all. Nano’s cock has a slight downward curve and this should prove most beneficial for Luciano’s throat. Luciano grabs hold of that monster cock with both hands and works both of them as well as his mouth up and down that huge cock shaft.

Nano flips Luciano around again and this time it is his massive cock that will do the fucking. Nano slides his cock in and out several times so that Luciano can prepare his breathing for what is to come. Nano makes one last thrust forward and in it all slides, deep, deep, deeper.

Another flip and this time Luciano is on top of Nano, grinding his ass down hard onto that monster. The guys work together in a deep ass fucking that is filling both ass and cock with utter delight.

Luciano gets flipped again and this time he is lying on his side with one leg over his head, ass fully exposed and open and Nano right behind him with his huge cock doing what it does best, plunder that ass until it is his. The fucking is intense and erotic, yet unyielding. Luciano’s balls are hanging heavy and full as he strokes out a thick creamy load of cum as Nano continues with his sensual fucking. Nano scoops up Luciano’s cum and strokes his own cock with the fresh lube then explodes his equally thick load all over Luciano’s drained ball sac.

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08 Jun 2023

This is truly "Latino fever"! Luciano's body is perfectly muscular and Nano is so fucking adorable, those freckles make my heart melt. When he takes out that massive cock, I was floored and very impressed. What was equally impressive is the way that Luciano was able to suck and get fucked by such a huge cock. If you are into young guys with huge dicks, this is your video! Fantastic job!

10 Jun 2023

This is one hot scene! Congrats to KB

10 Jun 2023

Nano's monster cock is amazing! More Nano please!

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