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Casting Couch #501: Magnus Loki, Gus Torres

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Magnus Loki glides onto the screen as he begins stripping and exposing all of his assets before Gus Torres joins him and begins the induction into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men.

After fondling each other, Magnus drops to his knees and begins sucking on Gus’ hard cock. Magnus retracks Gus’ foreskin and cups his smooth balls as he pleasures every centimeter of Gus’ glistening cock. Going deep, Magnus inhales the musk wafting up from Gus’ balls as his cock is fully entrenched in Magnus’ mouth. Hungry for cock, Gus drops down and begins servicing Magnus’ cock, paying special attention to his throbbing cock head, running his tongue under the sheathed head. 

Magnus bends Gus over the bed and begins feasting on his hot, pink, pucker hole. Special attention is made with his probing tongue as it enters and encircles the hot hole in front of him. Gus reaches back and spreads his ass cheeks so that Magnus has full and complete access to his ass.

Rising up, Magnus gently slips his hard cock inside of Gus’ drenched ass. Slowly increasing the intensity of his fucking Magnus now thrusts his cock in and out of Gus’ talented ass, maintaining his open hole for fucking. 

Time for a swap and this time Gus lowers his hungry ass down onto Magnus raging hard cock. Gus gyrates his ass up and down that glistening cock. Gus increases the forcefulness of his fucking by grinding his ass down hard against Magnus’ pelvis.

Another flip and Magnus is on his back with his legs spread far and wide as Gus’ meaty cock penetrates his sexy pink hole. Gus quickly finds a rhythm that works for both men and brings them that much closer to the edge of glory. Gus has massaged Magnus’ ass perfectly as he shoots a hot stream of cum all over his ripped abs. Magnus scoops up his hot load and devours it as Gus repositions himself and unleashes his creamy load of cum deep into Magnus’ awaiting mouth. One would think that Magnus is still hungry for more cum, any available loads out there? 

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30 Nov 2023

So hot to see two sexy men flipping with each other. both with amazing mouths and asses. Magnus is a hungry fucker and I am living to see him eat a lot more cum!

01 Dec 2023

What a hot scene! Two gorgeous men sucking and fucking the cum out of each other is about as good as it gets. More scenes like this one, please!

04 Dec 2023

Incredible scene, the guys are so handsome and work so well that I can't get enough of watching it.

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