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Casting Couch #503: Luca D'Amore, Giuspel

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Luca D’Amore knows that his uncle’s office will be empty on a Sunday afternoon and decides to use it for his induction into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men with the very sexy Giuspel. Obviously, Luca likes his men, handsome, hairy, horny, and hung, the 4 H’s of an aspiring young man.

As Giuspel’s tongue flicks across Luca’s nipple he explodes with excitement and his desires are off the charts. Giuspel monopolizes on this strong lust, stands up on the desk, and feeds Luca his growing cock. In the process of deep throating Giuspel’s cock, Luca’s moaning is filling the office with desire and pleasure. Luca proves to be an eager cock sucker as Giuspel commands and challenges his cock sucking skills.

Just as sensitive as his nipples, Luca’s cock is equally responsive and Luca’s eyes roll back into his head and his mouth gapes open as pleasure pulses throughout his body. Luca is so stimulated that Giuspel has to keep backing off, no cuming yet!

Giuspel backs off just in time and flips Luca over the desk and spreads those creamy ass cheeks open. When Giuspel’s tongue hits the pink center Luca’s sensually sensitive body reacts just as before, with deep pleasurable moaning and lust.

Taking full advantage of the entirety of the situation, Giuspel rises up and rams his raw cock deep inside of Luca’s wet, pink ass. Luca sings out his joy as Giuspel rams his cock in and out of his hungry hole. Luca muffles himself, so as not to draw any attention from any others that may be in the other offices nearby. The harder Giuspel fucks Luca, the more Luca desires.

Giuspel gets creative and flips Luca onto his shoulders and shoves his cock down and into Luca’s sultry ass. Luca’s need for more is growing and flips Luca onto his back on the cleared desk and continues with his deep ass fucking. Both men have reached their apex and Giuspel’s cum showers down onto Luca’s gaping mouth while he shoots his own load of cum.

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04 Jan 2024

Luca is certainty a hungry fucker! I like how he expresses himself with his moaning, eye-rolling and depth of pleasure. Good to see other guys with sensitive nipples, cock and ass. Very passionate scene!

07 Jan 2024

I love hearing them fuck in Italian

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