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Slava Petrovich

Slava Petrovich

Slava is a charming, well balanced, well mannered, and enthusiastic kind of guy. He was delightful to work with, and always cheerful. During the outdoor filming with a horse and buggy in DREAMERS, Slava and his co-star Diego Pastores took a turn though a cathedral gate. Exiting the cathedral, were some 500 adolescent school girls in uniform apparently on a field trip. Seeing the camera, the young girls began to scream wildly, taking Slava for some type of pop star. They surrounded the buggy, still screaming, and asking for autographs, which Slava was quite happy to give them. The street was totally closed to traffic for 45 minutes until the screaming school girls finally departed.

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Q. What is your star sign? A. Aquarius.

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