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Casting Couch #361: Wilson Blanco, Salvador Mendoza

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Salvador Mendoza is home enjoying a good book when Wilson Blanco comes in the room with a better idea. Wilson leans in and begins to kiss Salvador tenderly and passionately. This immediately leads to throbbing hardon’s and sexy, naked bodies. Salvador moves in and swallows Wilson’s cock whole, choking on his long shaft, feeling it grow stronger and harder with every penetrating thrust down his throat. Wilson takes over by teasing and taunting Salvador’s engorged cock head with his wet tongue, running his tongue around, up and down the full circumference of that fat head. Moving into a hot 69 position, Wilson and Salvador both probe each other’s tight ass in unison, feeding off of the others energy and desire for more. Wilson flips Salvador and takes him from behind ramming his raw cock deep inside of Salvador’s wet hole. Salvador gets the full sensation of Wilson’s long cock shaft filling him with complete pleasure. Salvador flips onto his back and Wilson sits his hungry hole on top of Salvador’s throbbing cock feeling the fat, fleshy cock penetrate his bare ass. It is all hands-on deck, or ass to spread Wilson wide open for Salvador’s fat cock to fuck him balls deep. Wilson is then flipped to his side, where Salvador continues with the ravaging, hardcore pounding that brings Wilson to blow his thick creamy load of cum. After licking the cum from his hand, Wilson flips onto his stomach and Salvador goes as deep as humanly possible and pounds him as hard as possible until he creams Wilson’s open hole with his gooey load of cum. Salvador puts his cum slicked cock back into Wilson’s ass as they tenderly drift off to sleep.

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20 Dec 2016

Salvador has a fine physique which is luckily tattoo-free. He is capable of some first class thrusting, and I like the fact that he carefully manscapes. so that unwanted hair does not obscure his assets, which the camera carefully inspects. Who would not want to linger there a while....

12 May 2017

Sweet JESUS! Salvatore takes cock hard and rough love how his butt was juicy and he really rammed back on Wilsons cock snarling and growling pumping his lean tanned hot body on that fuck meat.BUT when Wilson straddles Sals long thick hard cock FUCK! all Hell breaks loose!.The fucking goes from hot and rough to brutal both guys in heat like dogs grabbing Wilsons ass and pulling it open his lips stretched so tight around that huge ribbed shaft as it drives mercilessly into that wet juicy muscle cunt it's frenzied as Sal grabs a handful of butt and pumps that ass violently impaling him on his cock..The grabbing,aggression and intensity along with the guys moaning cursing groaning gasping and growling thru gritted teeth and wild eyes makes this one hot,filthy scene

04 Jul 2017

Like Tev, I particularly liked the way that Wilson`s bum cheeks were pulled wide apart.. The rhythmic pounding that extra juicy hole received, has to be described as spectacular !

07 Oct 2017

I keep returning to this video, because the force, rhythm and speed with which Salvador can pound really is hard to equal. IThere is no doubt that he is an expert Lover, and they are like Gold Dust....

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