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Casting Couch #451: Max Fendez, Sir Peter

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The strikingly handsome and debonair Sir Peter inducts the newest member to the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men; Max Fendez. Sir enters the room and joins Max already on the bed as they engage in some romantic kissing. As the kissing advances Max’s hands begin wandering and exploring the firm, muscular, hairy chest of Sir as he explores the smooth, taught, open thighs of Max. Max is eager and hungry as he stands, removes his underwear and presents his full, round ass to Sir to explore. Sir takes Max’s plump ass into his hands and feels the heat and pleasure radiating from within. Max drops to his knees and begins eating away at Sir’s growing cock through his underwear. Sir strips them off and we see the massive piece of meat that was held within. Immediately, Sir begins testing Max’s cock sucking skills, with both hands firmly placed and his smooth head, Sir gently glides his substantial cock into Max’s open mouth. Max finds that he must open his mouth beyond any measure that he has done before, but this is one hungry cock sucker and eager to feel the pleasure fill his mouth and throat. With both hands wrapped around Max’s throat, Sir begins face fucking him as Max works to choke every centimeter down his throat. Sir encourages and kisses Max to make sure he is still hungry and Max opens his mouth wide and the face fucking continues. The guys move into a 69 position and Sir gives Max a deep tongue fucking and thorough ass eating, while Max continues sucking on that gigantic cock. Max’s ass has been primed perfectly by Sir’s strong and stealthy tongue that he gets up and mounts Max from behind, gently easing his ass open. Within moments Sir is deep within and up on his feet with a firm rhythmic fucking. Max’s cock is busting at the seams with excitement and pleasure as Sir fucks him deep and raw. Another swap and this time Max is lowering his ass onto Sir’s massive cock, feeling the sheer girth stretch him to new limits. One more swap and this time Max is on his back and Sir is coming in full force and full depth with Max’s legs spread wide open, nothing is going to obstruct the depths of this fucking. This position has massaged Max perfectly as his balls have drawn up so tight against his body as cum drools in thick globs of creamy cum. Sir continues fucking with his granite cock the size of a towering mountain then pulls out and creams Max’s pink ass with his milky white load. Sir scoops up his cum with his cock head and shoves it back inside of Max. Now that is a man size meal of a cock!

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23 Sep 2021

Max sure does get inducted and what a way to go, start at the top with one of the fattest cocks in the business, Sir Peter! That smile on Sir's face will melt your heart, but his cock will make you a raging sex pig. Sir Peter is one of my favorite rising stars, can never get enough of this handsome, sexy man! More, More, More!!! 10 thumbs up!

21 Oct 2022

I like this guy Sir Peter, he is my favorite. He is expert in this hot scene with newcomer Max Fendez. Sir Peter his muscular body is so amazing hot, can't believe my eyes when he got undressed, his facial beard, smooth chest, perky nipples and his uncut banana dick was amazing to see, so massive !!. Sir Peter is a hot guy too with a huge dick, who enjoy to please Max Fendez too by sucking his huge cock and finaly getting fucked very hard bareback in his ass. Hope to see this muscular ax Fendez soon back in a hot man to man encounter with other hung Spanish men.... Editor Strongboli, hope you bring Sir Peter and Max Fendez back soon on stage !

24 Oct 2022

I have been a huge fan of Sir Peter for years and he seems to get better with time. His looks and fucking skills are unriveled.

11 Dec 2022

fuck this is hot!

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