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Casting Couch #5: Jean Franko, Luca

Kristen Bjorn Play
Casting Couch #5: Jean Franko, Luca
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Jean Franko and Luca will give you a new perspective on your kitchen table. Luca with his lean, sculpted body, Jean with his beefy,hairy muscular body gives us the options to always choose. Both men give us the slow and seductive striping of clothes until both huge and hard cocks are exposed and demanding attention. Luca can't keep his desires for Jean's fat cock at bay any longer and lowers his lips onto his juicy uncut head. Filled with pleasure and desire Jean's cock is harder then granite. He sees Luca's cock straining for attention and shows him just how much he desires to feel his long cock sliding deeper and deeper into his mouth and down his throat. Luca is thrilled to see Jean's expertise and begins to face fuck him. Jean takes it all with total pleasure. Luca now bends over the table and Jean begins to devour his ass. Licking, sucking and fucking Luca's sweet hole with his tongue. Jean has worked himself up so much that he immediately sits down on Luca's hot cock. It is a pleasure to watch Jean fuck himself on top of Luca's cock while his own fat, hairy cock is flopping up and down as he rides harder, enjoying every inch penetrating deep within his hole. Both men take pleasure in fucking, Luca pounding Jean hard, Jean taking long strides on top of Luca. Jean now places Luca on the table on his back. Forcing his fat cock deep within Luca. Jean gives Luca's ass a treat, long, slow strides, then pulling out completely teasing Luca's hole with his head as he re-enters again and again. Luca is quickly approaching the point of ecstasy and takes his own cock in hand and strokes in unison with Jean's cock stroking his ass. Feeding off of each others pleasure Luca erupts his load while Jean continues pleasuring his hole. Feeling Luca's ass muscles milking his cock Jean is unable to withhold any longer and shoots his hot load all over Luca's thigh. Is it time to clear the table to eat, or are you full?

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