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The Secret Gift - Chapter 3

Diego and Wagner are having a romantic time in front of the roaring fire crackling in the background. Wagner feeds Diego his hard cock knowing that Diego knows exactly how to pleasure him and his cock. Diego swallows Wagner’s cock feeling its girth open up his throat. Wagner sees Diego’s cock straining and growing with pleasure so he takes it into his mouth and throat. He works his cock over and gives it all the pleasures it has been begging for. Diego is then flipped and Wagner assaults his beautiful hole with his tongue and lubes it up real good with his spit. Wagner knows that Diego’s hole is well prepped and sits in the chair for Diego to squat down on his throbbing cock. Diego lowers his ass completely onto Wagner’s cock then rides the full length letting the head pop out before sliding down on it again and again. Diego pleasures himself and his ass with Wagner’s huge cock, riding it long and hard then slow and deep. Diego fucks himself with such force that his own cock flops, swings and bounces with his wild gyrations. Wagner has been driven wild by all this action that he pops his cock and sprays his hot load all over Diego’s balls and cock, Diego then re-inserts Wagner’s dripping cock into his ass. Wagner then gives his ass up to Diego, who rams his hot raw cock into Wagner’s fleshy hole. Diego pounds away at Wagner’s hole and loves the sensation of his lover’s ass muscles clenching his cock that he has to blows his load all over Wagner’s smooth ass before shoving his dripping cock back into Wagner’s ass. Awakened by all the noise, Sergio and Valentino come to investigate and find that the house has been rented to another couple during the same time frame. The guys figure that the house is big enough for both couples. The house isn’t the only big thing around here this week.

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The Secret Gift - Chapter 4

When we last saw Donato he had been locked out of his home in a towel, no hot water and on the anniversary of his lovers passing. Both the lock smith and the plumber showed and did more than make repairs. Now that Donato and the repairmen have sucked each other off, Donato decides to make this into a hot afternoon 3-way. Mattias, the locksmith is in the kitchen sucking on the plumber’s, Milos’ hot cock. The guys trade off on sucking each other’s hard cocks until Milos spreads Mattias’ legs open and shoves his wet cock deep into his hungry hole. These are some very versatile repairmen, after Milos bangs away at Mattias’ ass he then squats down on Mattias’ straining cock. Donato has given the repairmen their time, now it is his time. He puts Milos on a swivel stool and spreads his ass open so he can penetrate him good and deep. Milos moans in pleasure as Donato pounds his ass. With Mattias on a swivel stool as well, Donato swings his ass around and slams his slicked cock into Mattias’ ass. Donato goes back and forth from one hot ass to the other. Each ass becoming hotter and wetter with each of Donato’s pumping strides. Donato has fucked himself into an oblivion of pleasure and spews his thick creamy load all over Mattias’ ass. Donato then urges each of his repairmen to blow their loads. Milos spews his thick globs all over his thick muscular thighs as Mattias floods the kitchen floor with his huge flowing load. Good thing there is a plumber in the house!

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The Secret Gift - Chapter 7

Thanks to a dark dream Valentino’s writers block had dissipated. With another hot couple staying in the house there is inspiration to be found everywhere. Sergio is the aggressive one and breaks the ice between the 2 couples by showing them how open their relationship is. With a little persuasion to join in, Valentino finds that joining the group is his best option, with three hot men sucking, rimming and kissing you all at the same time, is there any other option? Wagner lubes up Diego’s cock with his spit so that Valentino can mount his straining cock. Valentino rides Diego’s cock hard and deep as he sucks on Sergio’s hard cock and Wagner licks Diego’s cock and balls. Wagner then spreads Diego’s legs open and forces his cock deep inside while Valentino continues to ride his cock. Sergio then penetrates Wagner’s ass and begins fucking him, while Wagner fucks Diego while Valentino rides Diego’s cock. Valentino loves the sensation of a hot, hard cock plowing his ass and unleashes his creamy load all over Diego. Wagner can withhold no longer and sprays Diego’s ass with his hot streams of cum. Sergio then coats Wagner’s ass with his hot load as Diego shoots his thick load all over Valentino’s ass. The next morning Sergio pays Diego and Wagner for their services, this was Sergio’s Secret Gift to his lover, Valentino. Donato’s lover’s spirit made one last visit and that was to make sure that Donato was happy on what would have been their anniversary.

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Headhunting - Chapter 2

When we last saw Joe he was assisting his partner with some interviewees. Joe has maintained a beautiful estate for the past 10 years. Now he is eager to switch things up. Earlier that day Joe takes his lover, Geoffrey breakfast while he is in the tub, but it is not the food that gets eaten. Geoffrey starts out by deep throating his lover’s uncut cock, running his tongue up and down the rigid shaft and swirling his tongue around his balls. With Joe’s cock fully aroused and glistening with saliva, Geoffrey stands up in the tub and feeds his ample cock down Joe’s throat. Joe works over Geoffrey’s huge cock while being encouraged to service his cock. Geoffrey’s cock is nice and meaty so he helps Joe out by spitting on his own cock. Joe continues to be encouraged by Geoffrey’s commands then tells Geoffrey that he wants to eat his ass. Geoffrey bends over and spreads his pink hole for Joe’s hungry tongue. Joe then thrusts his full shaft up Geoffrey’s wet hole, while Geoffrey continues with his commands for more cock and harder pounding. Joe pulls his cock out and rams it back in repeatedly as Geoffrey demands for more. Joe slams Geoffrey’s ass until he can no longer resist the pleasures and shoots his huge load all over Geoffrey’s ass before unloading the last drops in his ass. Joe is ready to flip with Geoffrey so Geoffrey sits on the edge of the tub and Joe mounts his cock and goes for a wild ride that pushes Geoffrey over the edge of pleasure. Geoffrey releases his huge load that shoots all the way to the heavens, but saves the last gusher for deposit deep in Joe’s ass. I think the switching up has begun

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Headhunting - Chapter 5

Diego and Wagner are having a playful afternoon running around the house naked and sporting magnificent erections. Wagner turns his ass to Diego in a teasing way, but Diego is not teasing and rams his hard cock deep and raw into Wagner’s ravenousness hole. Diego pummels his lover’s hole with his huge cock and all the pleasure he can drive deep inside of him. Wagner then flips Diego and hurls his cock into his partners love canal. For this couple fucking or being fucked is an equal level of pleasure. Both of their cocks remain as rigid as a steel pole while being fucked. Their pleasure is not only visual but verbal and an ecstatic experience to be a part of. Diesel can hear all the fun in the distance and is frustrated that he is unable to reach his lover by phone. So he decides to join the fun. Diesel immediately thrusts his cock inside of Diego’s already moist hole. Wagner feeds his hot cock to Diesel as he continues fucking away at Diego’s ass. Diego and Wagner trade up as Wagner squats down on Diesel’s fat cock. Wagner pummels his own hole with Diesel’s cock as Diego fucks Wagner’s mouth. As Wagner continues grinding away at Diesel’s cock, Diego erupts his milky load and feeds it to Wagner. Wagner is so stimulated with the huge cock in his ass and with his face and tongue being coated with his lovers cum that he reaches his eruption that Diego is ready and eager to lap up every drop that spews from his heaving cock. As Diesel sucks Wagner’s cock dry, Wagner continues to ride Diesel’s cock until he sucks the cum out of his cock with his ass.

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Headhunting - Chapter 6

Toby, Leo and Lucas are all interviewing for a new career. Geoffrey has been conducting this extraordinary interview process and now takes it a very competitive level. This next level is to test Group Dynamics, such as Leadership, Guidance, Flexibility and Team Work. Our interviewers test the guys in the abilities to suck cock. Are they capable of taking guidance on how to suck a huge cock, are they flexible enough to swallow it all, do they take the lead in the group and do they work together on sucking huge cocks? Lucas moves into position to showcase all of his skills at once. Leo thrusts his dripping cock deep into Lucas’ ass while Toby fucks his hungry mouth. Joe steps in and begins to eat Leo’ hot ass before he begins punch fucking Lucas with his steel rod. Geoffrey also moves into position and fucks Lucas’ mouth while sucking away at Leo’s throbbing cock. Geoffrey and Joe switch it up and Joe pounds his wet cock into Leo’s hungry hole while Geoffrey fucks away at Lucas’ dripping wet hole. Toby steps up and forces his cock into Lucas’ hot mouth. Toby, Lucas and Leo then stand over their interviewers and begin ripping off their pent up ejaculations onto their awaiting interviewers. Toby is the first to shoot his creamy load all over Joe, quickly followed by Lucas with his mushroom head swelled to full capacity as he unleashes his milky load then Leo slams his load out and onto Joe as well. Geoffrey’s balls are drawn up so tight and ready to explode his huge load as Joe looks on with his head and body dripping in cum he erupts a geyser that shoots straight into the air that would make any employer proud. Geoffrey is left with a difficult decision, all the candidates have proven themselves worthy, but which one stands out amongst the three? Could this possibly lead to another interview level?

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First Time, Part 2 - Chapter 1

Sergio and Aymeric have been fuck buddies for a very long time. And yet every time they get together it is as if it were the very first time. Always trying to find new ways to pleasure Sergio’s mammoth cock, Aymeric constantly strives to swallow it whole. With such thickness and length any throat would be challenged. Sergio then takes Aymeric’s huge mushroom head into his throat and mouth and gives Aymeric an oral sensation he will not soon forget. Aymeric flips over and offers up his pink hole for Sergio’s hungry tongue. Sergio goes from licking a hot pink hole to sucking a huge cock, going from ass to cock, cock to ass, pleasuring all of Aymeric’s pleasure points. Sergio has licked, sucked and spit his way to preparing Aymeric for the invasion of his huge cock. Aymeric bends over and Sergio penetrates his ass deep and hard. Sergio gives Aymeric the pounding his ass remembered from their last encounter, except this time there is just a little bit more, or is Aymeric learning to give up his ass more freely to his buddy? Sergio lies down and Aymeric mounts his huge cock, giving us full view of the deep penetrating fuck. Sergio sits on Aymeric’s chest and force feeds him his engorged cock that has grown in length and girth as he quickly approaches his eruption that spews all over Aymeric’s face, head, lips and tongue. As Sergio’s cum flies all over Aymeric, he also explodes with a huge gooey load of cum as he begins to lick and suck Sergio’s cock clean. Discoveries come in many ways and with some very familiar people. Re-discover one of your old fuck buddies real soon.

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First Time, Part 2 - Chapter 3

Robin confesses that he enjoys having sex with David Kadera, but he also enjoys the pleasures of other hot cocks. While out for a walk one day a biker, Julio Rey comes by and offers Robin a ride. Robin knows exactly what the biker wants and it is exactly what Robin wants as well. Julio pulls over and both muscular men begin attacking each other with their tongues. Seeing Robin’s eagerness, Julio releases Robin’s straining cock from the confines of his tight jeans. Julio is just as eager and Robin takes his hard cock out of his jeans and takes it deep into his mouth. Taking full advantage of this opportunity, Julio begins fucking Robin’s hungry mouth as every vein in Julio’s cock is pulsating with pleasure. Julio is impressed with Robin’s talented mouth and erupts his hot, milky load into his throat. Robin then jumps up on the bike and Julio begins sucking away at Robin’s throbbing cock. Robin flips over and Julio rams his cock deep within Robin’s hungry hole. Julio pulls out completely and rams his cock deep into Robin’s ass repeatedly as Robin groans with pleasure. The guys move into position so that Robin can squat down on Julio’s hot cock. Robin begins to ride Julio’s huge cock as Julio meets Robin’s rhythm and the fucking rises to a heated level of desire for more. Julio pumps away at Robin’s ass as Robin strokes his cock to an explosive release of a hot creamy load. Nothing like a ride on a hot bike and on the hot bikers cock, go for a ride today!

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Sands of Time - The Castaway Ch. 2

Time: the one thing we have no control over but has control over us. Robin and Abel find that time slips through their hands faster than water. After an afternoon of exploring in the nearby mountains the guys return home for some afternoon delight. Robin quickly strips down to his black jock strap, which turns Abel on completely, making it impossible to keep his hands off of Robin. Robin sees Abel’s excitement and is eager to get at his huge, bulging hard on. Working hard to get that huge, fat cock down his throat Robin does everything within his power to feel that head slip down his throat. After working that cock to complete rigidity Robin squats down on that huge cock and begins his wild ride. Abel is overwhelmed with the pleasure of Robin’s hot, muscular ass gripping and sucking his huge cock deeper and deeper into his wet, hungry hole. Robin rides Abel’s cock for all that its worth, feeling it grow harder and fatter within him with each stride. Abel’s ball sac is growing heavy and full of his hot load, but he is not ready to let this ride end. He bends Robin over and penetrates him deep from behind. Abel grabs hold of Robin’s jock strap and takes him for a wild and hard pounding ride. He teases Robin’s ass by pulling out and then penetrating him fully and again pounding him hard and then pulling out and thrusting his cock back inside of Robin, all to Robin’s pleasure. Abel’s ball sac has built up a full load that he can no longer control and unleashes his huge milky load all over Robin’s ass, which he immediately devours with his tongue. Stay tuned to see where the story of Robin and Abel takes us next.

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Sands of Time - The Hourglass Ch. 2

When we last saw our hot guys Jalil and Donato had decided to stay after at an elegant party with their hosts Valentino and Tomas. This turned out to be one hot, steamy after party. Now the stakes have been risen and there is a game to be played, one game, grab as much pleasure as possible before the sands of time run out in the hourglass. Jalil and Donato are in one room and Valentino and Tomas are in another, it is now time for the game and the sands to begin flowing. Donato and Tomas exit their rooms and enter the rooms of Valentino and Jalil. No time is wasted and both couples are on top of each other immediately in tandem 69 positions. The sands of time have run their course and it is now time to change partners again. Jalil and Donato are reunited as well as Valentino and Tomas. Tomas is thrilled to see his partner and dives right in and begins eating Valentino’s sweet ass. Jalil has the same idea and devours Donato’s awaiting hole. Both holes are almost identical, smooth, tight, wet, sweet and ready for a hot tongue fucking. Once again the hourglass has run its course, this time Jalil teams up with Valentino and Tomas with Donato. Since Donato and Valentino’s holes have been primed they are quick to sit on top of their perspective partners hot cocks and grind all the pleasure out of them that they can. Both men grind away hard and deep knowing full well that the sands of time are limiting their pleasure. The hourglass has dictated another change and this time Tomas and Jalil are paired up along with Donato and Valentino. Jalil spreads Tomas’ legs open and penetrates him deep and begins a hard pounding assault on his tight ass. Valentino takes Donato and slides his hard cock deep within Donato’s wet hole. Both couples fuck with fury and passion, pounding all the pleasure they can into their partners. Jalil feels the pulsating muscles in Tomas’ tight hole that draws his load to an explosion of cum all over Tomas, with his own hot load covering his abs. Valentino and Donato release their pent up loads in an eruption of hot, gooey cum everywhere. Are you ready to play our game?

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Sands of Time - The Hourglass Ch. 3

When we last gazed upon our 2 hot couples they were in the middle of a game we like to call “PS – Partner Swap.” Now both couples have come together and exploring Valentino’s magnificent body. Tomas takes his lovers hot cock in his mouth as Jalil forces his throbbing cock into Valentino’s mouth. Donato spreads Valentino’s legs open and drives his cock all the way in as Valentino’s strains to accept his huge cock. Valentino and Donato position themselves on all 4s as Tomas fingers their perfect holes. Tomas then thrusts his hot cock into Donato as he sucks on Jalil’s hard cock. Valentino and Donato then face each other in order to enjoy some passionate kissing and some hard ass pounding from Jalil and Tomas. Jalil is taking advantage of Valentino’s perfect, tight pink hole as Tomas continues his invasion on Donato’s wet hole. Tomas and Jalil trade off and begin pounding away at their own partners well trained asses. Things get really interesting when Jalil gets down on all 4s as well and Tomas begins penetrating his hairy hole. Tomas then works his way down the line, fucking every hole in front of him. It’s a good day to Tomas! By the time Tomas reaches his lover, Valentino his cock cannot withstand the familiarity of that hot hole engulfing his cock and he quickly explodes his load all over his lovers ass. Tomas then reclines and one by one Jalil, Donato and Valentino all release their hot loads all over him. It truly is a good day to be Tomas! When was the last good party you were at?

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Jagged Mountain 2, sc.4a - Brad Hern, Rodrigo Calas, Sergio Serrano

Rodrigo Calas calls Sergio Serrano to brag about the great sex he just had, only to find out that Sergio Serrano has the exact same news for him.  So the two decide to do what hot men do, join forces.  Sergio and Brad Hern arrive and are immediately intertwinded with their new friends.   Rodrigo Calas and Sergio begin undressing each other as Brad Hern and Tomas Friedel  are lip locked in passionate kissing.  The clothes coming flying off and all cocks are raging hard.   Brad and Rodrigo Calas begin to service Tomas Friedel and Sergio’s fat cocks with such vigorous passion and lustful tongues.  Sergio Serrano and Rodrigo are impressed with the expertise of cock sucking that they are receiving.   Brad is loving the feel of Tomas’ cock deep in his throat, while Rodrigo’s mouth is being stretched to its limits with Sergio’s fat cock.   Both men continue working over their partners hot cocks when Brad works himself up to an eruption of hot cum as he continues his oral onslaught on Tomas.   The excitement of pleasing his partner pushes Tomas to shoot his hot load in Brad’s awaiting tongue and mouth.  Brad Hern continues to suck Tomas dry of all his hot juice.   Sergio finds himself on sensory overload from watching Brad and Tomas releasing their hot loads and the pleasure of his hard cock in Rodrigo’s wet and hungry mouth.  He can no longer hold back and unleashes his hot load all over Rodrigo’s muscular chest.   Have you received a phone call with a special invitation from your good friend today?

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Jagged Mountain 2, sc. 4b - Brad Hern, Rodrigo Calas, Sergio Serrano, Tomas Friedel

Sergio Serrano and Tomas Friedel have been treated to the oral expertise of Bran and Rodrigo Calas, now they want to see if the guys are just as talented bottoms.   Brad Hern starts out by sitting on Tomas’ hot cock and taking it to new depths of pleasure.   Tomas Friedel has his cock buried deep within Brad Hern and then releases his desire to plow him hard and furious.   Sergio Serrano takes a different approach by bending Rodrigo Calas over and thrusting his cock deep into Rodrigo’s hungry hole, then pulling out completely and thrusting forward and fully into that hot hole.   Brad Hern continues to ride Tomas’ hot cock to its fullest, pounding his ass on that hot cock as hard and deep as he can go.  Tomas Friedel sees the delight that Brad is getting from his cock that he takes control of the pounding and jackhammers Brad’s ass as hard and deep as possible giving Brad a profundity of pleasure.   Sergio Serrano continues his onslaught on Rodrigo’s ass and stretches his hole to new limits with his fat and meaty cock.    Our hot bottoms find that it is time to return the pleasure to their partners and flip them.  Brad puts Tomas on his back and is now penetrating his ass.   Sergio lays on his side as Rodrigo Calas takes him from behind.  Both men have their legs spread wide and invite us to visually enjoy their pleasures along with them.   Sergio’s hot cock mushrooms in girth and hardness as he reaches and explodes his hot load as Rodrigo Calas continues pounding his ass.  Tomas explodes his hot, thick load all over his chest as Brad Hern continues to pump his ass.  As Brad Hern feels Tomas’ ass contract on his cock in unison with his orgasm he is driven to deliver his hot load on Tomas’ abs and cock.   Don’t you love when your friends call and share their good times with you?

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