Gay Male Porn - Bonus scenes from other studios; Falcon, Raging Stallion, Titanmen, Lucas Kazan and more!

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Bonus scenes from other studios; Falcon, Raging Stallion, Titanmen, Lucas Kazan and more!
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Raw Fuck: Jan Bavor, Martin Hovor

Jan Bavor is a very well built guy. He is paired, for his screentest, with Martin Hovor. They are playing a computer game when Martin begins to rub Jan's crotch. Then he leans over and kisses his neck. Pushing Jan down on the sofa Martin kisses the hot body and opens Jan's jeans. They are tight but Martin manages to pull them down to release Jan's soft cock. He begins licking the cock and rubbing it. Then as it hardens he sucks on it. Martin's head bobs up and down as he sucks the stiff dick and then wanks it as well. Then Martin removes his tee shirt and sits on the sofa leaning back. Jan moves over to him, kissing him as he rubs his sexy chest. Jan's dick stays rock hard as he enjoys Martin's hot body. Martin pushes his jeans down so that Jan can get to the rock hard cock inside. He wanks and sucks the cock and then kisses Martin again. Martin enjoys the sucking and is soon both are naked with Jan moving onto his knees. Martin gets behind him to examine Jan's hot ass. His tongue finds the right hole and he rims it well. With the hole nice and wet Martin slides his rampant cock deep inside. He fucks that sexy ass hard and fast with Jan taking it so well. Jan turns over, onto his back, with his legs in the air for Martin to continue fucking his hot hole. That big cock stretches Jan's hole and fucks nice and deep. Jan grabs his own cock and wanks it as Martin keeps up the hard fucking. Jan soon shoots a big, creamy, load of hot cum as Martin slams his asss. Then Martin pulls out and shoots his cum up Jan's hot body. He milks his cock dry, rubbing cum over Jan's balls, and then leans over to kiss him again at the end of a very hot session.

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Raw Fuck: Tomas Selek, Dan Holan

Sexy str8 guy Tomas Salek is in charge of Airport Security. He is in his office when Dan Holan is sent in for investigation. He has a problem with his ID. It seems the ID is out of date, but Dan needs to travel to see his girlfriend. Tomas doesn't seem interested in that and instead insists that he will need to search Dan. He makes him strip, and Dan is rock hard as he takes off his jeans. Something has turned him on and Tomas is happy to take advantage. He drops his pants to release his own stiff cock, which Dan is soon sucking. Tomas fucks his dick into Dan's mouth as he holds the back of his head. Tomas' dick is rock hard and fucks deep into Dan's mouth. Dan's head bobs on the cock, taking it all. Tomas is enjoying the hot mouth on his dick and sits down to relax as the mouth works his dick. Dan has to lick the big balls too and up and down Tomas stiff shaft. After doing a great job on that cock, with his mouth, Dan has to give up his ass too . Tomas fucks him from behind, his dick going deep into the hot hole as Dan moans with each thrust. The fucking gets faster and Dan's moans increase too as Tomas pounds his hole. He moves Dan onto the floor so he can fuck as they spoon . With that dick deep in his ass Dan wanks himself and shoot a huge, creamy, load all over his right thigh. Tomas continues to fuck that hot ass and then pulls out and dumps his creamy cum over Dan's balls. He milks his cock dry to end a great scene.

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Raw Fuck: Lorenc Byro, Rado Zuska

Lorenc Byro is shackled, blindfolded and gagged and wearing only seethru underwear. His cock looks hard in the underwear as he wriggles around, trying to free himself. Rado Zuska comes in to find out why Lorenc is making a noise. He berates him and slaps him, telling him to be quiet. Taking a whip, Rado uses it on Lorenc, making him moan louder. Lorenc's cock stays hard as he takes the punishment. As he continues with the whip, Rado pins one of Lorenc's nipples and bites the other one. Lorence keeps up with his moaning as Rado torments him, pinning both nipples and the belly button. Then he starts grabbing Lorencs cock and balls before kissing and licking his sexy chest. He releases Lorenc and takes off the gag and blindfold. Then Rado's big dick is out and being shoved into Lorenc's eager mouth. Rado grabs Lorenc's head and pushes it all the way down on his cock. Lorence gags as he takes the stiff dick deep into his throat. Then Rado moves him to lay on a thick wooden beam. He pulls Lorenc's legs in the air and shoves his throbbing cock into the waiting hole. Lorenc moans as he takes that big dick in his hot ass. His hole is being stretched wide by Rado's cock. Rado fucks that hot ass deep and hard and then moves Lorenc again. He has him bent over, and the big cock is deep in that hole again. Lorenc's ass gets pounded hard and fast making him moan even louder. To show how much he enjoys that big cock in his ass Lorenc sits on it as Rado lays down. He rides the big cock and the Rado fucks upwards into the eager hole. Rado cant hold back and shoots his hot cream deep into Lorencs ass. Loren comes off the cock and works his ass to push the cum back out. Then he is held in a neck hold as he wanks himself until he too shoots a nice big load.

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Czech Up: Hugo Antonin, Alan Pekny

Handsome str8 doctor Hugo Antonin is in his office. He is visited by sexy st8 guy Alan Pekny for a Czech Up. Hugo has a series of questions first, for Alan, and then he starts to examine him. Hugo removes his tee shirt to have his chest checked. Then Hugo feels around Alan's neck and checks his eye movement. Alan then turns and bends over for Hugo to examine his back. Next Alan has to remove his pants and underwear, as Hugo needs to do a prostate examination. With Alan naked Hugo feels around his groin. Then he tells Alan to climb onto the examination chair, with his legs in the stirrups. That exposes his ass for examination. Hugo hasn't had a prostate exam before but is assured that it will be ok. Hugo rubs his fingers over Alan's tight hole. Then he begins to push a finger into the ass hole. It goes in quite deep and then is pulled out. Pushing the finger in again Hugo fucks it in and out, changing fingers too. Then he uses two fingers to really stretch the hole. As he feels the fingers in his ass Alan begins to wank his cock. Hugo pulls his fingers out of that tight hole and leans forward to rim it. Then he takes Alan's cock in his mouth and sucks it. He moves to the side to suck on that cock as he fingers Alan's hole again. Alan loves the feeling of mouth on his dick and pushes Hugo's head down on it. Hugo moves Alan, bending him over the table. He then bares his chest and opens his pants to reveal his stiff dick. That cock is quickly shoved into Alan's waiting ass. Hugo fucks that ass deep with his throbbing cock. He fucks Alan with long, deep, thrusts of his dick. Then Hugo turns Alan onto his back and shoves his dick back into the waiting ass. He stretches that ass wide as he fucks it deep. Alan grabs his dick as he feels the cock fucking his ass. Wanking his cock hard Alan soon shoots his creamy cum onto his belly as Hugo fucks him. Then Hugo pulls out of that hot ass and dumps his hot cum over Alan's hot body.

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Raw Fuck: Jindra Durak, Martin Porter

Jindra Durek and Martin Porter are getting to grips with each other, with the barechested Jindra nibbling at Martin's neck. They feel each other as Martin turns his head and kisses Jindra. Martin's tee shirt comes off so they are both barechested as Jindra rubs his hands all over Martin's chest and then opens his jeans too, reaching for his stiff cock. Martin joins Jindra on the bed and they kiss some more. Martin removes his jeansand then opens Jindra's pulling his cock out and starts to suck on it. His mouth works on the cock as he grabs Jindra's balls too. He has a good time sucking that cock and then mores over to the closet with Jindra sucking on his cock. Martin moans as he feels the hot mouth working in his dick. They go back to the bed for a 69 with Jindra on top. Jindra moves and pulls Martin's ass in the air. His tongue starts working on the hot hole, lapping at it and then probing it with his finger. He turns Martin over onto his knees and slides his rock hard cock deep into that hot ass. Martin moans loudly as the cock slams into his hole. Holding Martins wrists Jindra pounds away at the hot ass, covering Martin's mouth to limit his moans. Then they move to spoon position with Martin wanking his stiff cock as Jindra continues to fuck ass real deep. Jindra moves to missionary position and fucks the ass real deeply as Martin keeps up his wanking. Jindra lays down and Martin climbs onto his cock, sliding his ass up and down on it, wanking himself all the time. His wanking speeds up as Jindra fucks the asa, and Martin dumps a huge creamy load, the hot cum sticking to his cock and his hand. Jindra is ready too and pulls out of that hot ass and shoots his cum all over his belly. Martin lays next to him and they kiss again after a very hot session.

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Raw Fuck: Leo Lombar, Tomas Fuk

Two of the hottest guys give us a great scene. The handsome, studly, Leo Lombar is relaxing on his bed, enjoying music as he is on his computer. The door opens softly as a hooded Tomas Fuk peeps in. He enters the room and overcomes Leo so that he can shackle ang gag him. Naked and shackled Leo is at the mercy of Tomas who enjoys feeling all over the sexy body. Leo's dick is rock hard as the hands explore his hot body. Tomas rips off his hood and begins to kiss and lick that hottest of bodies. Leo writhes against his shackles but his stiff cock reveals what he is really feeling. He enjoys a tongue on his nipples and then the feel of Tomas' mouth on his fat cock. Tomas smacks the huge thighs and sucks on that throbbing cock. Then he licks the balls and the shaft too. He sucks on the heavy balls and on that big cock. Then he uses a vibrating massage on Leo's rock hard dick. He moves Leo, bending him over the bed to give access to his hot ass. Tomas kisses the ass and starts to finger the tight hole. He spanks and bites the ass too. Lubing the hole he shoves a vibrator into it and starts to fuck. Leo takes that toy into his hot ass. Then, when is it loosened enough he feels Tomas' cock fuck deep into his ass. Tomas fucks that hot ass hard and fast, turning Leo over, onto his back. Leo takes hold of his own dick and wanks it fast as he enjoys the dick slamming his ass. Tomas continues his fucking as Leo wanks himself. He keeps going until Leo shoots the creamy cum from his cock. Then Tomas pulls out and wanks himself to unload his cream onto Leo's hot hole. Then his pushes that cock back into the tight hole using the cum as lube.

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Raw Fuck: Jan Bavor, Tomas Fiedel

Hot and handsome Jan Bavor has been shackled and gagged by his Master Tomas Friedel. Tomas slaps on Jan's beautiful body and gropes him in his underwear. He pulls on Jan's nipples too and then starts to use his whip as Jan writhes around. Tomas keeps up a stream of talk we he works on Jan. He leans forward and suck on the nipples. Baring his own massive chest he rubs himself against Jan as he keeps up his slapping. Jan's cock is hard as Tomas pulls it out of the underwear. He wanks the stiff cock as he bites a nipple too. Turning Jan around Tomas spanks and whips his sexy ass. He then pushes Jan to his knees and shoves his throbbing cock into his mouth. Tomas fucks Jan's mouth making him gag. Then he stands Jan up and bends him over, giving access to his ass. Tomas shoves his throbbing dick deep into the waiting ass and fucks nice and deep. Jan moans as he feels the fat cock stretching his tight hole, but he takes it all. Tomas continues to fuck, going in as deep as he can. He pulls out and Jan returns to sucking his Master's cock. Then he lays down , legs up, to have his hot hole pounded some more. He wanks himself as Tomas bangs his dick deep into the hot ass. Moaning loudly Jan takes that cock he wanks himself hard. Soon the hot cum squirts out of his cock and up his chest. Tomas continues to fuck Jan's ass until he is ready to cum too. He pounds the tight hole and then pulls out to shoot his cum over Jan's balls and ass crack.

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Raw Fuck pt 2: Ondra Tark, Tomas Salek, Alan Penky

Xmas RAW FUCK features Alan Pekny, Tomas Salek and Ondra Taryk. In Part 2 we join them as Ondra is kissing Tomas. Tomas kneels, presenting his ass for Ondra to slide his big stiff cock into as Alan takes off his pants. Ondra begins to fuck Tomas' hot ass deep and hard. That big cock opens up Tomas hole real well as he takes Alan's throbbing cock into his mouth. He sucks on Alan's dick as he takes Ondra's cock all the way. Tomas moans as he takes the cock in his hole. Ondra's thrusting hips ensure his dick goes all the way in that hot hole. Then he pulls out and Alan takes Tomas place. Alan's ass is ready and he feels Ondra's rampant cock slide deep inside. Ondra fucks deep into the ass, spanking it too. Tomas positions himself for Alan to suck on his cock as well. Alan sucks and wanks on Tomas stiff cock as Ondra keeps up his hard fucking. Then Tomas lays on the bed and Ondra spoons with him, ramming his cock back into the eager hole. Tomas grabs his own cock and wanks it as Ondra pounds his ass. Alan kneels behind them encouraging Ondra's hard fucking. Tomas wanks hard and fast as Ondra's dick slams in and out of his ass. He keeps up his wanking until he hot cum shoots out onto the bed. Ondra continues to fuck that hot hoe as Tomas milks his cock dry. Then he pulls out and dumps his creamy cum too, shooting it onto Alan's hairy hole and leg.He kisses Tomas and then they both move to lay either side of Alan. Tomas sucks on Alan's cock as Ondra licks the sexy chest. Then Ondra takes over sucking on the stiff dick. He takes it all into his mouth, sucking hard. Then they both kiss Alan's chest as he wanks himself. He keeps up his wanking until he cums as well.

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Raw Fuck pt 1: Ondra Tark, Tomas Salek, Alan Penky

We have three fantastic looking guys in XMAS RAW FUCK , Ondra Taryk, Tomas Salek and Alan Pekny. They are out enjoying the Christmas market in Prague, eating and drinking. Then they go back to the apartment. The three of them lay on the bed and Ondra suggests that it is time for some fun. He kneels and begins to show his muscles. As he removes his tee shirt to show his wonderful body he flexes his biceps. Alan and Tomas begin rubbing his legs and then reach over to kiss his chest. Then they each kiss Ondra too, all the while caressing that sexy body. Ondra then removes Tomas' tee shirt too and starts to kiss his body as Alan bares his hot chest too. Ondra turns and licks Alan's chest as Tomas flexes. They all flex, enjoying each other's hot bodies. They open the jeans and reach inside to grope each other. Ondra's jeans are pushed down and he takes them off as Tomas' stiff pokes out of his. He bends over and takes Ondra's dick in his mouth and start to suck it. Ondra's balls hang low as Tomas sucks on his throbbing cock. Tomas' head bobs on the stiff cock as Alan runs his hands over the sexy body. He kisses Ondra's chest and then he takes over from Tomas, sucking on the big cock. Ondra then sits and lays back so that both guys can take turns of his rock hard dick. Tomas then removes his jeans and soon has Ondra's hot mouth wrapped tight around it. Ondra sucks on that massive cock before giving way to Alan to have a taste too. Ondra and Tomas kiss as Alan sucks and then Tomas lays down for both guys to work on his cock and body. As they work on his cock Tomas' body writhes, which shows off his hot, hairy hole too. Raising his legs into the air that hot hole is shown even bettet and Ondra can't resist sliding a finger inside. Then he sucks Tomas' throbbing cock as Alan slips a finger into the hole. They swap again with Ondra's finger probing deep opening the hole nicely, ready for much more in part 2.

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Raw Fuck: Radan Flex, Alex Stan

We brought Radan Flex and Alex Stan, two very hot guys, in for a Dream Set. We find them playing a video game. Alex loses the game and to console him Radan pulls him close and starts to kiss him. Alex loves that and responds eagerly. They help each other off with their tee shirts revealing two very hot chests. As they continue to kiss they have their hands in jeans and playing with each other's cocks. Alex's jeans are pushed down and his stiff cock hoves into view. Radan wanks it as Alex moves onto his knees. That allows Radan to take the stiff cock into his mouth and suck on it. Alex moans with pleasure as the hot mouth works on his cock. Having sucked that throbbing cock a while Radan moves up to kiss Alex again. Then Radan's jeans come off too and his own dick sticks out in front of him. Alex wanks it as they kiss some more. Then he takes it in his mouth to suck it. Radan grabs Alex's head and fucks his cock into the mouth. Then Alex licks up and down the shaft, sucking on the balls as well. They move to a 69 with Radan on top, sucking each other real well. Radan licks the balls as well then goes back to sucking on Alex's dick. he moves onto his knees and fucks his cock into Alex's mouth. Alex takes it all the way down his throat. Then Radan leans over, pulling Alex's ass in the air so he can rim the hot hole and spank the ass. His tongue laps at the hot hole making Alex moan. Then they move again, kissing and then Alex presents his ass for some cock. He moans loudly as Radan's dick fucks into his hot ass. Alex can take cock real well and Radan fucks him nice and deep. He pounds away at the hot hole, stretching it wide. Alex takes that cock so well. He lays on the sofa with Radan between his legs fucking his hole some more. Radan really bangs away at the hole as Alex wanks his own stiff dick. As Radan keeps up his pounding of the hole Alex wanks himself and shoots his big load. Then Radan is ready too and he pulls out to shoot his cream over Alex's cock and balls. He leans forward and they kiss again bringing a hot, steamy, session to an end.

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Raw Fuck: Ondra Taryk, Tomas Selek

What a great pairing we have in Ondra Taryk and Tomas Salek. We join the two of them as they are fondling each other's body and kissing. As they kiss they grope each other and Tomas opens Ondra's jeans to release his stiff cock. He drops to his knees, kissing the taut belly and he takes that cock in his mouth as Ondra's belt wraps around his neck. Ondra slaps Tomas' face as the head bobs on his cock. Tomas takes the cock all the way into his mouth, sucking hard. Standing again he kisses Ondra some more. Then Ondra removes his jeans and kneels to remove Tomas' jeans too. He takes hold of Tomas stiff cock and wanks it before taking it in his mouth. The lips wrap tight around Tomas rock hard cock as he sucks it well. He licks up and down on that throbbing cock and sucks it hard too. Tomas then kneels on the sofa, showing off his ass. That hairy ass is slapped by Ondra who then rubs the tight hole. He shoves a finger into the hole too, testing it. Then he climbs up and slides his rock hard dick deep into the ass. Ondra's cheeks are spread too as he fucks his dick into Tomas' hole. His cock slams the hole as his tight hole is shown perfectly too. Tomas moans as Ondra bangs his hole deep and hard. Tomas takes that cock well as he pounds his hole hard. Ondra pulls out and kisses Tomas again as he repositions him. Tomas lays on the sofa, legs up, for more hard fucking. Ondra's dick slides back into the hole and fucks it hard. Tomas' cock is rock hard as he is fucked and he grabs it to wank. That hot, hairy, body looks so good as the dick slams into his hole. He keeps wanking his throbbing cock and soon shoots his creamy load. He keeps milking his cock as Ondra's dick works his tight hole. Ondra's hips thrust hard as he fucks that eager hole. Then he moves Tomas onto his knees again, shackling his wrists too, and fucks that ass some more. He spanks the ass as he fucks it hard. Tomas keeps up his moaning as he takes all of that cock. Then Ondra pulls out and wanks his cock to cum over Tomas' ass.

   (3.73) 11 votes
Raw Fuck: Rado Zuska, Paul Hunter

Rado Zuska is one very studly guy. He knows what he likes and he likes Paul Hunter. He has him chained at the wrists and naked, but for a jock strap. He kisses handsome Paul and plays with his nipples. He also slaps on Paul's great chest as both the oiled bodies rub against each other. Rado pushes Paul to his knees, where he can suck on some rock hard cock. Rado's dick is throbbing as it fucks into Paul's eager mouth. He pulls out and slaps that throbbing cock against Paul's face before fucking the mouth some more. Then Rado wanks himself as Paul laps at his tight balls. He fucks the cock back into Paul's mouth, slapping his face too. Then Rado lays Paul down and gives him a blow job too. He sucks on Paul's rock hard cock, taking it deep into his mouth, all the while slapping on that hot body and face. Rado needs more than some cock to suck and Paul eagerly lifts his legs, so his hole is available. Quickly Rado is on it, fingering the tight hole and lapping at it with his tongue. Then Rado's cockhead is up against the hot hole, and pushing into it as Paul bends over to take it. He loves the dick slamming into his hot ass as hard as Rado can manage it. Rado grabs Pauls shoulders to give him extra leverage as the thrusts his dick all the way into that ass. Paul moans as he takes the thick dick deep in his ass. Then Paul turnbs over and lays down so that Rado can get between his legs and fuck him even harder. Paul grabs his cock and wanks it as Rado pounds his ass. Soon Paul'shot cream explodes from his cock as his ass is filled with Rado's throbbing dick. Rado keeps fucking that ass until he is ready to cum. He pulls out and Paul sits up to suck on the rock hard dick. Rado grabs his dick and a few tugs makes it release its hot cum. Pauls grabs the cock again and sucks the rest of the cum out of it to finish a fabulous scene.

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Czech Up: Peter Lipnik, Filo Bruska

Dr Peter Lipnik is in his office waiting for his next patient, Filo Bruska. Filo hasn't been in for a while and needs a complete check up. Peter starts by checking his neck and then tells Filo to take off his top. He checks the chest and then has Filo bend over the exam table and checks his back, where he reports some pain. Peter suggests a massage, but first Filo must get naked. So he takes off his pants, and is then naked, showing off his fat cock and his balls. He lays on the table, face down and Peter takes some oil and begins to massage the back. Having massaged all over the back he has Filo turn over. His cock is rock hard and Peter drips oil around it and starts massaging again. He can't resist that stiff cock though and is soon licking and then sucking it. Filo enjoys the sucking and feels Peter as he sucks. Peter gets naked too and goes back to sucking on Filo's fat dick. Filo feels Peter's ass and then starts to wank his stiff cock. Peter is encouraged by that and climbs over Filo so they can 69. They each suck on the other's cocks for a while and then Peter moves and kisses Filo. He climbs on to the table again and sits his tight ass onto Filo's waiting cock. The cock goes deep into the hole and Filo begins to fuck that hot ass. Then Peter starts riding up and down on the stiff cock, taking it all the way in his ass. He moves up to kiss Filo again and then invites Filo to fuck him again, moving to bend over the table. Filo slides his big cock into the eager hole and fucks Peter deep and hard. Peter moans as he takes the dick in his hole. Grabbing his cock Peter wanks it and shoots his cum as Filo pounds his ass. Filo keeps up his hard fucking and then pulls out of the ass to shoot his squirting cum all over it.

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Raw Fuck: Alan Pekny, Tomas Fuk

Handsome Alan Pekny and Tomas Fuk are in the park, having fun with one of those mini movie cameras. Tomas has it on a selfie stick and Alan performs a little, showing off his sexy ass and his cock, as well as flexing his hot muscled body too. Then they move and find somewhere to sit and check the video. Tomas has other ideas too though and puts down the camera. He begins caressing and then kissing Alan, who responds well by groping Tomas. Tomas leans over to kiss Alan's chest, working his way down and pulling off the shorts. That exposes Alan's hadening cock, which Tomas eagerly takes into his mouth. His head bobs up and down on the hard dick sucking it all the way down to the base. Alan's balls are tight around the base as he enjoys the hot mouth on his dick. He rubs Tomas' shoulders as he enjoys the cock sucking. Then Alan stands up for Tomas to suck him some more. He pulls Tomas' head onto his cock, and holds the mini camera in place to film the sucking. Then Alan turns around, bending forward, to present his hot ass to Tomas. Tomas pushes his face into that hot ass and starts to lap at the tight hole. He licks the hot hole and kisses the ass, holding the camera to film himself at the same time. Then Tomas stands up and presents his big, hard, cock to the ass and slides it deep inside. He stretches Alan's hole wide as his dick pushes into it and begins to fuck. As he fucks deep and hard Tomas' balls swing back and forth. Alan takes the cock so well, pulling is ass cheeks wide apart to get all of that thrusting cock. Then Tomas pulls out and sits down. Alan mounts that big cock, sliding his ass down on it. Tomas fucks him hard, thrusting up into the waiting hole. He continues to fuck that hot ass as Alan stands with one foot on the bench. Alan grabs his own cock and wanks it as Tomas continues pounding his ass deep. Alan then moves again, laying along the bench as Tomas films himself fucking. Alan keeps wanking as his hole is banged deep. He keeps wanking until his shoots his hot cum onto his body as Tomas fucks him. Tomas continues fucking until he is ready to cum too. He pulls out and wanks the cum from his throbbing cock with one hand, as he holds the camera, to film it, with the other. He too milks the cum from his dick and then Alan stands and they kiss again to end a wonderful scene.

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Raw Fuck: Bradley Cook, Erik Drda, Tomas Decastro

Bradley Cook is shackled and blindfolded at the start of the scene, with a gag in his mouth too. He strains against the shackles but cannot release himself. Then Erik Drda and Tomas Decastro arrive.. They start to torment his nipples and feel his body. Erik's cock seems to be hard in his underwear as Tomas sucks on his nipples and Erik slaps his face. Tomas gropes the stiff cock through the underwear and then they attach clothes pins to Erik's nipples. His underwear is removed and Tomas grabs the throbbing cock and wanks it, and then starts to suck and lick it too. Erik flicks at the clothes pins on Bradley's nipples, making him moan. Soon Tomas is naked and rock hard too and Erik's dick is poking, hard, out of his pants. They raise Bradley's legs to expose his ass hole. Then inspect the hole and spank on that sexy ass as Tomas wanks the stiff dick. Erik takes a dildo and lubes it and then shoves it into Bradley's tight hole as Tomas goes back to sucking on that cock. Erik moans as his hole is stretched by the dildo. Erik keeps pushing it in and out of that hot hole as Tomas continues to suck and wank. Then that ass needs more and Tomas shoves his big cock deep inside. Bradley keeps up his moaning as his ass is pounded by Tomas' cock. Erik's hand is over Bradley's mouth as he keeps moaning as he is fucked deep and hard. Then it is Erik's turn to fuck that hot ass, and he goes for it big time, as Bradley wanks himself. Bradley's cock throbs in his hand as he wanks it hard and fast. He moans loudly as he wanks and shoots his hot cum over his belly, with Erik's dick still pounding his hole. Tomas wanks himself as Erik keeps fucking. Then Tomas rubs the tender head of Bradley's dick before he is turned onto his knees. Tomas shoves his dick back into that hot ass and fucks it deep. He is quickly ready to shoot his load and pulls out to dump his cum on Bradley's sexy ass. Erik the slides his dick back into the ass and fucks it deep. He pounds the hole until he is ready too and pulls out to shoot his hot load all over Bradley's hot ass. Having exhausted themselves Tomas and Erik leave Bradley to recover.

   (4.00) 4 votes
Raw Fuck: Leo Lombar, Tomas Salek

Stunning Leo Lombar is paired with the equally hot Tomas Salek who has proved himself to be a great bottom. The guys walk into the room after a heavy training session. As the sit on the bed Leo flexes his biceps and Tomas comments on what a good body he has. Leo explains that he still has to work harder. He stands up and starts flexing as his hot body is admired by Tomas. He strips down to his underwear showing off that hot body. Tomas is very impressed and takes some oil and begins to rub it all over Leo's massive chest. Tomas' hands rub all over the chest and abs and onto the biceps. He lets a hand run onto the underwear, feeling Leo's dick. The guys start to kiss as Tomas is pulled hard against Leo's hot body. When he is released he drops to his knees, pulling down the underwear, and starts to suck Leo's hard cock. Leo's hand finds the back of Tomas' head pulling it onto his stiff dick. Tomas sucks and licks on the cock and balls too, eager to get as much as he can. Leo's hips start to thrust as his dick is being sucked. He fucks Tomas' eager mouth, enjoying the hot lips as they wrap around his dick. Then Tomas stands up and the guys kiss again. Leo pulls off Tomas' tee shirt and then open his jeans too as he drops to his knees. He takes Tomas' cock into his mouth and begins to suck it. Leo feels the cock get hard in his mouth as he sucks it so well. His hot mouth worksTomas' dick for a while, then Tomas kneels on the bed, presenting his ass. Leo positions himself and slides his rock hard cock into the waiting hole. He fucks Tomas' ass deep and hard, stretching the hole. As he fucks his slaps the ass too. Leo looks magnificent as he thrusts his throbbing cock in and out of Tomas hot hole. Tomas takes the cock so well, feeling every thrust. Leo's hips keep working as he fucks hard into Tomas' ass. Then Tomas is turned over, onto his back with his legs in the air. Leo's dick pounds the hot hole hard and fast as he holds Tomas' legs. Tomas takes hold of his own cock and wanks it as he enjoys the pounding in his hole. He wanks his cock, moaning as he feels the cock in his hole. Soon Tomas shoots his creamy cum onto his hot body as Leo keeps fucking him hard. Leo continues to fuck until he is ready too and then pulls out to shoot his cum as well. He milks the cum from his cock and leans over to kiss Tomas again.

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Raw Fuck: Tom Vojak, Bradley Cook

Bradley Cook is at work and calls Tom Vojak on the phone, inviting him over to discuss their project. Tom arrives and they discuss issues with the project and Bradley asks to see some details. Tom joins him on his side of the desk to show him, and then Bradley closes his computer and turns his attention to Tom. They begin to kiss and quickly get into it as Tom removes Bradleys tee shirt and kisses his chest. he kneels and kisses the chest and down to a huge bulge in Bradley's jeans. Tom opens the jeans and pulls them down to release the huge cock that is already hard. He takes the dick in his mouth and sucks on it as Bradley's hand guides the head as it bobs on his cock. Tom sucks and wanks the cock and kisses Bradley's chest making him moan. Having enjoyed the big cock Tom then turns Bradley over and rims his hot, hairy,hole. He spanks on the sexy ass to as he rims that tight hole. Then Tom has his own big cock out, wanking it a little. He takes his belt and slaps it against the sexy ass as he wanks. He pushes the big cock up against Bradley's tight hole, and slips it deep inside. Bradley moans loudly as Tom fucks his hot ass and spanks him too. His big cock really stretches that sexy ass as it fucks deep and hard. Bradley moves to lay on a footstool, legs in the air, so that Tom can fuck him missionary style. He grabs his cock and wanks it hard as Tom keeps up his deep fucking. With Bradley wanking as he gets fucked hard he soon shoots his hot cum with Tom's dick deep in his ass. Tom continues to fuck hard and fast, until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out and shoots his cream over Bradley's balls.

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Raw Fuck: Vaclav Chovanec, Matej Borzik

Vaclav Chovanec is enjoying s cigarette with Matej Borzik as they sit at the window. Vaclav suggests that as it is a nice day they might go out. But as he walks over to Matej they start to kiss instead. They move into the bedroom, still kissing each other and reaching for each other's cocks. The cocks are hard as they wank and then remove the underwear. Vaclav lays on the bed and Matej begins to suck on his stiff dick. His mouth works on Vaclav's cock, with his head bobbing up and down on it. Matej kneels on the bed to suck on the cock. Then he moves over Vaclav so they can 69. Vaclav's hand grabs Matej's cock and he sucks on the bulbous head. Matej wants more than sucking and Vaclav moves onto his knees. Matej goes behind him and slides his throbbing cock into the waiting ass. He fucks that hot ass nice and deep, pulling out and then shoving the cock back inside. Vaclav grimaces as he feels that big cock in his hot ass. He lays on his belly with Matej continuing to fuck him deep and hard. Matej's dick works in and out of the ass as his balls get tight around his shaft. He lays his chest on Vaclav's back as he keeps up his deep fucking. Then Vaclav turns over so that Matej can fuck him missionary style. Vaclav wanks his own cock as Matej fucks him. He soon shoots a nice load of cum onto his belly while Matej's cock continues to pound his ass. Matej is ready to cum too and pulls out of Vaclav's ass to shoot his cum over him. Matej leans over and kisses Vaclav again and then he takes him off to the shower to clean up.

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Raw Fuck: Matej Borzik, Alex Stan

We find Alex Stan in the dungeon, shirt off and cock out. As he wanks his fat cock Matej Borzik arrives and sits watching as he smokes. Then he moves over to Alex, grabbing his head and kissing him hard. Alex returns the kissing as Matej grabs his dick and pulls on it. Alex gropes Matej too, wanting to feel his dick. But Matej drops to his knees and starts sucking on Alex's stiff cock. That fat dick really fills Matej's mouth and Alex fucks it in and out, grabbing Matej's head as he does so. His pants are pulled down and his balls are tight around his shaft as Matej keeps up with the sucking. Alex grabs Matej's hair and pulls his face onto that cock, so he can really get it all the way in. Matej sucks on the balls too and then drops his own pants to that Alex can get some dick in his mouth. He quickly shows that he can suck with the best of them, working his hot lips over the dick and forcing it down his throat. He wanks on the cock as well and sucks it hard. Then Matej turns over, and presents his ass, which Alex spanks and starts to rim, getting his tongue right into that hole. Matej wants more though. He wants some ass and bends Alex over, shoving his big dick deep into his tight hole. That thick cock really stretches Alex's ass as Matej fucks it deep and hard. Alex's cock stays so stiff as he feels the big cock pounding into his hole. He moans as he takes every inch of that meat. Then Matej moves him, so that Alex lays on his back, legs up, for more hard fucking. He grabs his own cock and wanks it as Matej keeps slamming in and out of his hole. Matej fucks harder and harder which really sends Alex over the top. His cock releases a big creamy load, squirting over his hairy thigh. Matej keeps fucking him hard as Alex milks the rest of the cum out of his cock. Then Matej is ready too, he pulls out and shoots his hot cum over Alex's thigh too. Then he leans forward and kisses his hot partner.

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Raw Fuck: Dusan Polanek, Bradley Cook

Two very hot guys give us a great scene, Bradley Cook is resting, as he is joined on the bed by Dusan Polanek. Bradley's gorgeous hairy ass is readily available as Dusan leans over and begins kissing it. He parts the hairy cheeks and laps at the tight hole. The light shimmers on the hairs as Dusan's hands rub over the ass. He continues to kiss it as he runs the hands over Bradley's back. He spanks the ass too and then goes back to lapping at the hot hole. Bradley reaches back to pull on his ass cheeks. Dusan licks a finger and slips it into the tight hole, spitting on the hole for extra lube. His finger works in and out of the hole getting it ready for more. But for that Bradley turns over so that Dusan can suck on his big, hard, cock. Dusan's mouth works on that stiff dick. He wanks it too and licks the big balls as well. After enjoying the hot mouth on his dick Bradley turns over again, raising his ass in the air. Dusan climbs on, sliding his throbbing cock deep intot he waiting ass. He fucks that ass deep and hard as Bradley reaches down and wanks himself between his legs. Dusan's dick is balls deep in that eager hole as he fucks it. He pounds the ass with Bradley taking every inch. Then Dusan sits on the bed so that Bradley can ride his rock hard pole. That sexy ass sits right down on the cock and rides up and down. Bradley wanks himself as he rides Dusan's cock. His tight hole grabs Dusan's cock as he slides up and down on it. Then he slides off the cock and kisses Dusan before laying on his back for more fucking. Dusan's dick goes back into Bradley's ass and fucks him deep. Bradley continues wanking himself as his ass gets stretched wide. Soon the hot cum shoots from Bradley's cock, up his chest and over his hairy legs. Dusan continues to pound the hot ass until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out and dumps a big load all over the hot hole and balls.

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5 Man Raw Fuck, part 2

5 MAN RAW FUCK, part 2 featuring Filo Bruska, Nikol Monak, Martin Hovoer, Peter Lipnik and Viktor Adam, has Nikol and Martin busy rimming ass as Filo sucks cock. Peter and Viktor as the recipients of the rimming and soon they feel cock sliding into their asses as Nikol and Martin climb on and start to fuck them. Martin fucks Viktor as Peter takes Nikol's cock deep into his hole. Filo keeps sucking Peter's dick as both guys get their holes fucked deep. There is lots of moaning as the cocks work those hot asses. Nikol's ass is spread wide as he fucks hard and Martin pounds Viktor's tight hole. Then things change, as Nikol kneels for Filo to shove his dick deep into his ass. Viktor lays on the floor for Martin to spoon with him. Martin's dick stretches the hole as it goes in nice and deep. Nikol takes Filo's throbbing cock deep into his ass as Martin keeps up his fucking. Then Filo moves aside and Peter takes a turn at fucking Nikol's hole. He fucks that ass nice and deep and then makes way for Filo again. Martin continues to fuck Viktor, his dick really slamming into the hot hole. Peter wanks himself until it is his turn to fuck Nikol again. As he slides his dick into the waiting hole Filo leans over and kisses him. Nikol grimaces as Peter fucks his as hard. Then Filo takes over, his fat cock working the hole so well. Viktor takes Martin's dick so well and it pummels his as as hard as it can. Peter and Filo continue to trade places, taking turns in Nikol's hole. Nikol lays on the floor for Filo to fuck him, and wanks his own cock. It doesn't take long for Nikol to shoot his hot cum as Filo's dick is deep in his ass. Filo keeps fucking that ass until he is ready to cum, then pulls out to shoot his load over Nikol's ass. Peter is wanking hard too and quickly follow up with his cum, shooting it all over Nikol's ass. Viktor is wanking hard too as Martin kneels over him doing the same. Martin's creamy load shoots onto Viktor's chest. Viktor keeps wanking and soon delivers his own creamy load.Peter and Filo kiss again and all the guys stand up and begin to kiss as their photoshoot comes to an end.

   (3.91) 11 votes
5 Man Raw Fuck, part 1

5 MAN RAW FUCK, part 1 features Nikol Monak, Jakub Smolik, Viktor Adam, Filo Bruska and Martin Hovor. In this first part we see Viktor, Martin, Jakub and Filo enter, dressed in only underwear, their fit bodies glistening. The all start flexing and showing off their great bodies. As they pose Nikol Monak arrives to check their poses, as he is going to do a photoshoot with them. Then all keep flexing as Nikol takes his photos. Then the guys start to oil each other making the hot bodies glisten. But so much oil means they have to get naked to preserve the underwear. Martin squirts oil over the cocks and balls. Then they rub it into each other. All the contact gets the guys turned on and they begin to kiss. Then as cocks start to get hard Martin drops to his knees and suck Jakub. Viktor follows his lead and is soon sucking Kuba's stiff cock. Then Martin and Viktor stand up so that Jakub and Kuba can go down and suck too. Swapping partners Kuba moves to suck Martin and Viktor works on Jakub's dick. Nikol returns and see what is happening and soon gets naked too, so that he can join in. Everyone crowds around him feeling his body. Martin drops to his knees and suck Nikol's big cock. Then he moves on to suck all the others in turn. Kuba takes his place and takes a turn on all the stiff cocks. He is loving the cocks and keeps switching back and forth between them. Then he stands and is replaced by Jakub who works his mouth over each dick in turn. Kuba then lays down and Jakub climbs over him to 69, as Nikol licks the sexy hole. Vitor presents his ass too and Martin rims it as well, setting things up nicely for part 2.

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Raw Fuck: Ondra Black, Jan Bavor

Two hot straight guys, Jan Bavor and Ondra Black are up for some great sex. Ondra wakes Jan and begins kissing him. As they kiss Ondra opens Jan's shorts and feel inside them. The shorts are pushed down and Ondra releases Jan's cock from the underwear. He starts to suck on the cock, getting it nice and hard. As he sucks the cock he wanks it too and kisses the balls. Jan's hand finds the back of Ondra's head and rubs over his shoulders. . He pushes Ondra down on his cock too. Then Jan's underwear is pulled off and Ondra gets naked too. He kisses Jan again and then kneels to have his cock sucked. Jan takes the big, fat, cock in his mouth and works on it. He takes the cock deep into his mouth as it gets hard and then Ondra climbs over him to 69. They suck on each other, both dicks rock hard. Then Jan turns over, making his sexy ass available. Ondra kisses the ass and licks at the tight hole. he straddles Jan's hot ass and slides his cock inside. He begins to fuck the tight ass, going all the way in. The cock stretches Jan's tight hole and continues to fuck when Jan turns onto his back. Jan wanks himself as Ondra fucks him harder, going real deep. As Ondra keeps up his fucking, with long strokes Jan's wanking speeds up and he shoots his creamy cum onto his belly. Then he moves onto his knees for Ondra to fuck him from behind. Ondra's dick pounds that ass until he is ready to cum too Then he pulls out to cum as well.

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   (4.56) 9 votes
Raw Fuck: Peter Van Don, Steve Peryoux

Peter Van Don and Steve Peryoux make a great couple. Steven joins Peter on his bed, ostensibly to watch something on his tablet. But that pretense is soon dropped as Steve starts running his hands over Peter's hot body. He kiss him too, groping his underwear at the same time. Steve then removes his shirt and Peter helps him open his jeans. Steve then pulls Peter's underwear down and is soon sucking on a big, rock hard cock. He is naked himself, his own dick hard as well. Peter takes a turn at sucking, his lips tightly wrapped around Steve's cock. His head bobs on the throbbing cock as his own massive dick sticks out. The two of them look fantastic, with their fit, muscled bodies. Steve bends, presenting his ass to Peter, so we know what he is after. But before that they move to 69, Steve on top and working his mouth all over Peter's huge erection. He loves that cock and continues sucking it as Peter moves onto his knees. Then, after kissing some more Peter goes back down on Steve's dick, taking it deep in his throat. Steve presents that ass again and this time Peter gets his tongue deep in the eager hole, rimming it real good. Steve wanks on his throbbing cock as Peter continues lapping at his hot hole. Then Peter is ready and slides his big cock deep into that ass. He fucks it so well, his hips thrusting hard and fast to fill that ass so well. His big cock really works that ass, stretching it wide and poking it deep. Steve loves being fucked and takes it well, reaching back to pull the ass wider. Peter reaches for Steve's face, gagging his moaning mouth with his face. Then he pulls on the hair, for leverage as his continues to pound that sexy ass. When Peter lays on his back Steve is quick to slide his hot ass down over that cock, and ride it as he wanks himself. His ass works up and down on Peter's stiff shaft, going all the way down to the base. He holds onto Peter's hands to steady himself as he rides on that massive pole. Then Peter grabs Steve's cock and wanks it for him too. Peter wants to fuck that ass even harder and moves to missionary postion. He slams his dick deep into the hole repeatedly as Steve wanks himself. His ass feels so good as that cock stretches it, that Steve soon blows a big creamy load right up his body. Peter continues to pound that ass, until he cant hold back either and pulls out to dump his hot, creamy cum over Steve. Steve grabs the cock and milks it completely until Peter leans forward and kisses him. After all that hot sex they go off to the shower and wash each other, their cocks staying hard all the while.

   (4.00) 5 votes
Tomas Decastro, Tom Vojak FULL CONTACT

Uber top Tom Vojak has found a real hot guy for his latest conquest, Tomas Decastro. He quickly has Tomas barechested as he kisses him. Tomas responds in kind and his cock seems hard in his jeans. Tom opens the jeans and Tomas' hard cock flops out for Tom to take it in his mouth. He sucks on the big cock as Tomas moans. Tom does a great job on that big dick before moving up to kiss Tomas again. Then Tom's massive dick is out too, as he takes his jeans off. He lays on the bed as Tomas gets between his legs and starts to suck that cock. Tom grabs Tomas' head and fucks his cock into the eager mouth. Then Tomas takes control of his sucking and wanking. Then he climbs over Tom for a 69. He sucks on Tom's big cock as his friend laps as his hot ass hole. Tomas knows what he wants and positions his ass over Tom's cock and then slides down on it. He rides the big cock taking it all the way in his ass. Tom fucks his cock up into the waiting hole opening it up real good. Then Tomas turns around and slides back down on the throbbing pole. His own cock stays rock hard as he rides. Tom fucks his hole making the cock bob up and down. Then Tomas comes of the cock and onto his knees. Tom goes behind him and slide his big cock back into the waiting ass. He fucks it hard and fast and spanks it as well. Tomas loves the feeling of that big occk in his hole and turns onto his back to be fucked some more. He grabs his own cock and wanks it as Tom fucks him deep and hard. He moans as he feel the dick slamming into his hole. His wanking speeds up too, until his shoots his creamy cum all over himself. Tom continues to fuck that hot ass until he is ready too and then pulls out. He shoots his hot cum all over Tomas. Then the two of them kiss and go off to the shower to clean up, with Tom relieving himself in the process.

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Bradley Cook & Peter Cisler FULL CONTACT

Bradley Cook is bared chested and standing the the doorway enjoying wanking his rock hard cock as he rubs his nipples. As the camera changes angle we see that Petr Cisler is standing and watching him, rubbing his crotch as he enjoys the view. Bradley looks over and Peter and then walks over to join him. He reaches for Petr, taking his hand and guding it to his cock. He pulls Petr forward and starts kissing him and then removes his sweater. Petr kisses Bradley's sexy chest, working his way down to that throbbing cock. He takes the big cock into his mouth and begins sucking it. His mouth works the big cock so well. He takes time to kiss that sexy chest again too. Then he turns Bradley around and starts kissing his sexy ass and licking the tight hole. He keeps rimming that hairy ass, pulling the cheeks wide apart to get at the hole. Then Peter removes his jeans and slides his big, fat, cock deep into Bradley's hot, waiting, ass. Petr fucks the hot ass deep and hard. That cock opens the ass real good as Petr pounds the hole. Bradley's dick stays as hard as he takes the big dick in his hole. Then Petr pulls out and sucks the cock some more before they move over to the sofa. Bradley sits and leans back, with his legs in the air, for Petr to fuck him some more. He wanks himself as Petr keeps up his hard fucking. Bradley's wanking causes him to cum as Petr's cock is deep in his ass. Petr continues to fuck as Bradley milks himself dry. Then Petr pualls out and wanks himself to a lovely cumshot, shooting the cum over Bradley thick left thigh. Then they go off to the shower to clean up.

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